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Europe (Realistic) map: 11/27/2011 21:44:52

Matma Rex 
Level 12
What do you guys think about it? It's pretty nice IMO (and I particularly don't like regular Europe ;) ), if only it was prettier...

For reference, here's a copy of feedback I sent to the creator.

* territ name: "Kosovo", not "Kosova"
* Old Germany bonus should probably include Austria. Central Europe could include Poland instead.
* why the bonus including Denmark is called "Katteget"? It's wrong spelling ("Kattegat" is correct), and IMO it should just be called "Denmark".
* consider enlarging all the tiny island territories.

Missing connections:
* Kosovo - Serbia
* France - Spain
* Turkey - Cyprus
* Turkey - Greece
* Serbia - Croatia
Europe (Realistic) map: 11/27/2011 21:54:32

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Aesthetically I think its a disaster. Too many gaps everywhere. I didn't even get past that to examine the rest... it's simply one I wouldn't use for that very reason.
Europe (Realistic) map: 11/28/2011 03:57:27

Level 54
I agree somewhat with Richard
Europe (Realistic) map: 11/28/2011 16:23:55

Level 16
Well, as you know, I really don't like it.I think that if you call your map realisitic it should be waterproof realistic.
I'm surprised that you, as a Pole, apparently don't know how WWII Germany looked. If this *Old Germany* gimmick was supposed to mimic that, it should definitely have included Austria, Kaliningrad, Slovakia, and, if you include the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The last three are always grouped together into the Benelux.

The only reason I can think of why Skunk came up with this and dared to call it realistic is that he is a non-European without the faintest notion of European topography and history.
The map thus gets a ***D-*** from me.
Europe (Realistic) map: 11/28/2011 22:20:29

Level 44
@Domenico +1
The map gets a 1* from me.

* - yeah you guessed it right, it's the lowest grade
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