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Seasonal Ladder Ideas: 11/27/2011 21:11:02

Level 55
There are many possibilities for the settings (cards, no cards, light fog, etc.) for each new seasonal ladder. I think the biggest thing would be this: WL has 1000s of maps. Let's have a NEW MAP every season! (And by new, I don't mean the same map of Earth doubled or quadrupled.)

There are many good maps:

- Middle East: best for team games
- Roman Empire: good for team games, FFAs, 1v1s
- Europe: good for team games, FFAs, 1v1s
- East Asia & Oceania: good for team games, FFAs, 1v1s
- Risk map: fine for team games, FFAs, 1v1s
- 4 Kingdoms: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind: good for team games, FFAs, 1v1s
- British Isles: OK for team games, FFAs, 1v1s
- Battle for Middle Earth: best for team games
- Paris: best for smaller team games
- Ancient Greece: fine for team games
- Hong Kong: for larger teams
- Hexagon War (small): fine for team games, FFAs, 1v1s
- Africa xiv. Poland (big): best for team games


- 2v2v2
- Risk: 5-player FFA ([example template](http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?TemplateID=118495))
- Random Teams, 3v3 (or 4v4/5v5/10v10/whatever): 6 people (or more) are randomly chosen to play each game, and teams are decided randomly. If desired, players could be divided into leagues from the start, based on the 3v3 winning % already on each players stats (as a way to make games as competitive as possible).
- Random Map Strategic 1v1: Each game is a Strategic 1v1 on a different map.
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