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Warlight's Worst Map?: 11/26/2011 18:01:08

Level 13
What do you think is the worst/funniest map on warlight?
Warlight's Worst Map?: 11/26/2011 18:18:13

Matma Rex 
Level 12
The Duel map qualifies for both.
Warlight's Worst Map?: 11/26/2011 19:49:03

Level 56
well that Scorpio is pretty annoying...
on the first and last game I played on it, half of the people surrendered out of boredom, the other half voted to end for the same reason
Warlight's Worst Map?: 11/26/2011 20:41:05

Level 50

Yup, I made an AIvAIvAIvAI game on it, after about 12 turns they met each other, and after 200 turns finally someone won.
Warlight's Worst Map?: 11/27/2011 16:40:45

Level 37
Any map with less then 20 territories usually aren't very fun. There's not much strategy in them either.
Warlight's Worst Map?: 11/27/2011 20:17:06

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
The Solar System one.

Aesthetically it is a disaster with the huge gaps between every territory (seems to be Skunk's specialty)
Realistically it makes no sense with the two random planets thrown in random locations and random connections for no apparent reason.

Makes me cringe whenever I see it.
Warlight's Worst Map?: 11/27/2011 20:38:43

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
Solar System:
Maybe the random paths between planets has something to do with where the planets are in orbit? Just an idea to make it work.

What I don't like about Solar System are the default bonuses.
Warlight's Worst Map?: 11/27/2011 21:03:27

Level 16
Well, Richard, might not want to look at his new map, *Realistic Europe*.

First of all, these gaps are like enormous lakes or unclaimed territory. Look at Portugal-Spain.
Secondly, it is in no way realistic. Luxembourg and Moldavia will be far harder to take than Germany and Andorra has been made way too big.
Thirdly, some bonuses don't make sense.

+ Finland is not really part of Scandinavia, while Denmark is.
+ Slovenia is not part of Central Europe while Poland is.
+ *L'Hexagone* (Skunk's French must be a little rusty) means the Hexagon. ''La Suisse'' pretty much breaks that shape.
+ The Netherlands -- positively -- and Czechia -- less sure -- are normally not part of *Großdeutschland*, while Austria and Kaliningrad (or *Köningsberg*) definitely are. And since Germany as we know it didn't exist until the nineteenth century, you could hardly call its bonus old...
+ The Netherlands should therefore be in a Benelux Bonus with Belgium and Luxembourg.
+ Britain and Ireland worth the same income was a strange idea to start with, especially with this setting.

Also Kosovo and Serbia aren't connected, but with the current situation, that might not be such a weird idea.

Basically, what Skunk has done is shift the battle to the North and Mediterranean Sea. If that is your aim, make specific maps. The last one, especially, might be very interesting to play on.

I do think this map fails both in originality (Moros, -- *hup Holland!* -- beat him to it) and, most importantly, execution.
Worst executed map as far as I'm concerned.
Warlight's Worst Map?: 11/27/2011 21:35:39

Matma Rex 
Level 12
I wouldn't be that harsh about that map. I admit it is ugly and has missing connections (but, well, most new maps do), but geopolitical accuracy is not the most important thing in Warlight - let me just say that "Italy" on Medium Earth map spans the entire Balkans, and "Ukraine" also includes all the Baltic countries. I won't even mention what is wrong with that thing called "Argentina".

I'm also pretty sure "Old Germany" means Germany during the Second World War, or something like that. I think it did cover large parts of all the countries in this bonus back then.

Honestly, I think I like this map more than the regular Europe map (although I have some unexplained bias against that one...).
Warlight's Worst Map?: 11/29/2011 13:11:01

Level 16
I like to use the Duel map for chat only game - this is the only map I can resist temptation to play it as well.
As for Scorpio it seems full of choke points which is a problem. there is a certain beauty to it though; it would be a shame to waste so much good work. that's why i came up with a game format which hopefully makes a virtue out of this map woes http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=1755419

What do you think?
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