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Historical Map Idea: Holy Roman Empire, Eve of the 30 Years' War (1648): 11/24/2011 09:27:01

Level 55
Months ago I tried to create this map. I couldn't follow the directions for e-ink (or whatever it's called) and didn't have the patience to play around with the map making program.

Can somebody make an attempt to create this? What I have in mind:

1. Divide the map into small, medium, large, quite large & special bonuses:

- Small (bonuses worth 1-3): Ecclesiastical cities, Imperial Free Cities, smaller fiefdoms, major cities (see map #3 below)
- Medium (worth 3-5): mid-sized duchies/fiefdoms (worth 3-5); regions or sub-regions in the largest territories (eg: cut up Austria/Bohemia/Saxony/etc into smaller bonuses).
- Large (worth 5-10, depending on size): Imperial Circles.
- Quite large (worth 10+): Austria other large areas.
- Special (worth 1-10+): Calvinist/Lutheran/Catholic areas (divided into sub-regions & as 1 large bonus if all regions are controlled); cities bonuses (control the major cities in a region, like how the Poland map works)

2. Including these states might be interesting too: Denmark, Swiss Confederation, Savoy, Venice, Papal States, parts of France/Poland/Swedish Empire

3. Maps to Use:

1. [Holy Roman Empire: 1648](http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/83/HRR_1648.png). This provides the basic topography.
2. [Imperial Circles: 1512](http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/05/Imperial_Circles-2005-10-15-en.png). Use this map to identify the circles on the first map. But use the 1648 map above to delineate boundaries.
3. [Religion-based Bonuses/Major Cities: 1648](http://cobalt.rocky.edu/~jordan.baker/titlepage.html). This map could be used as a more basic map (if the map maker wanted to create 2 maps, a larger one (200-250 territories) and a smaller one (100-120 territories).

4. Other interesting things that could be added:

- Divide the game up into teams might also be interesting, depending on the phase/date: eg, Sweden/France vs Holy Roman Emperor.
- The option of a roaming, unpaid band of mercenaries (lol, rather realistic): make it the AI at the start! (A member's custom map could make this happen.)
- Keep the map's key and place names in German (this was my original plan, to help me study German place names and improve my German a bit)

5. Map Size

- a map of 100-120 territories (using map #3) and/or a map of 200-250 territories (using map #1 and including more states from (2.) above)
Historical Map Idea: Holy Roman Empire, Eve of the 30 Years' War (1648): 11/24/2011 09:34:00

Level 55
Or, if someone is incredibly interested: make a map of europe for 1648, including the ottoman empire
Historical Map Idea: Holy Roman Empire, Eve of the 30 Years' War (1648): 11/24/2011 16:09:46

Level 50
Well, this looks like a great map to play! If only I could make it, I'm busy on a few other projects right now...
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