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New Warlight Mode : Weekly Skills Test: 1/3/2014 00:30:09

Level 58
I played this *Mode (Ranked)* as the 1 Man Team. I couldn't win against the Other Team Composed of Two Players.

I found The Cards to Be Too Far OverPowered. It's Actually Favoring the 2 Players Team and Not the Defender.

Modified Medium Earth is Ermmm... I Like Normal Earth Better with the Under-Powered Russia.

Here's a Game I Played with a Modified Template : 4 AIs Instead of 2 Players and 2 Players instead of the single Man Team.


That's How I got so Far Before Losing. My Team Mate Played Very Well in This Game.

Is it Actually Possible To Win That Mode Using a Strategy or the Real Challenge is to lose while being in the 2 Players Team ?
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