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AI: 11/22/2011 08:26:44

Level 51
Have a little suggestion here:

Sometimes, you know the thing when your partner gets booted and gets replaced with an AI? Well I think the Ai is actually a decent partner. But I want a little tweak to it. On several occasions the AI and I both hold territories of the same bonus, but I hold only one while it holds the rest. I would like to have a way to make the Ai capture my territory and thus become even more useful against the enemy team.
AI: 11/22/2011 14:37:48

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
There are lots of times when the AI is in a perfect position to do something, but won't.

It would be really nice to be able to set the AI to certain modes, where it behaves with a certain set of characteristics.

I can think of a couple off the top of my head.

1) Expand

The AI gains territory and completes bonuses as fast as it can.

2) Attack

The AI will use numerous troops in an attempt to break bonuses and destroy enemy armies.

3) Support

The AI will transfer troops to team members, possibly gift territories as well.

I can understand the reluctance to make the AI human controllable, but being able to set modes would be a wonderful bonus to a team who gets saddled with an unexpected AI. Making it an option at game start would be even better.

Full disclosure: I am in a couple of 24 player team games right now, where AI members of teams are painfully bad at fulfilling the team role. They keep stealing territories for bonuses, not attacking enemy neighbors, and then wasting troops everywhere.
AI: 11/22/2011 15:10:20

Level 58
wolfman - sometimes you can gift territories if the game youre in has that card. if you have an abandon card with a low multiplier you could abandon the territory leaving it with a few neutrals.
AI: 11/22/2011 16:00:34

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
I'm in the same games as Duke and I have to fully agree with his suggestion. Making AI controllable would be completely stupid, but setting them to certain modes would be very beneficial. Following the first post, I think we should be able to select our territory and set it to an "okay to attack" for allies. This would make the AI attack it if it were on a certain setting, and if not an AI ally, allow the normal ally to know what's going on without a textual response. (Some people speak different languages, sometimes hard to communicate exactly what I want with them)

^^ I like these suggestions though.
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