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question: 11/16/2011 14:49:36

Level 2
just a quick question , what is the formula to determine how many "x" armies will get "wasted" and "y" armies "still remains" when :

x armies attack y armies
with z% luck.

for example 20 armies attack 25 armies ....
at 75 % luck
what will be remained at both places ?

as much i know the analyze button only tell us what should be the amount of armies to conquer the willing position .
question: 11/16/2011 15:35:36

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
There is no formula... the luck function makes it impossible to give an absolute answer but instead gives the most likely outcome (the analyze function).

Were it 0 luck, the attacking army (20) would kill 12 defenders (20*0.6) and the defending army (25) would kill 17-18 armies (25*0.7) thus leaving 13 defenders and 2-3 attackers. The higher the luck figure, the farther from these figures you will see.

The range of possible outcomes at 75% luck is between 3 (min 0 kills at 3/4 weight with expected value of 12) and 18 (max 20 kills at 3/4 weight with expected value of 12) defending armies killed and between 6 (min 0 kills at 3/4 weight with expected value 18) and 20 (max 25 at 3/4 weight with expected value 18) attacking armies killed.

The pseudo-random nature of the kills makes absolute predictions impossible.
question: 11/16/2011 15:35:47

Level 50
You also need the offense and defense numbers
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