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Completed maps from Android: 1/2/2017 19:10:23

Level 6
Dear all,

I discovered WL at some time ago but in my Android tablet.
I always played in offline mode but yesterday I finally join the website and this community.

I have some questions about Completed maps:
1) On the tablet I completed 17 levels. After sign in the maps were synchronized with the web but i did not won the points. Shouldn't the points for each complete level (2,500) be updated on my account?
2) I thought after sign in that the history of each level be available to review. I didn't figure out how. Is it not possible? How to record games?

Thank you in advance.
Completed maps from Android: 1/2/2017 19:52:03

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 59
Single player levels don't give points.

I think that once you leave the game the history isn't saved anymore. (as it is all offline). If you want to record them you need to screen capture them.

but i might be wrong /shurg
Completed maps from Android: 1/2/2017 19:54:27

Level 60

Warzone Creator
Single-player levels do give points, but you have to be signed into an account to receive them.

The history of single-player games isn't always saved. Multi-player games can always be reviewed since they're saved on the server, but single-player games are played locally on your device and won't always be saved.
Completed maps from Android: 1/2/2017 20:19:07

Level 6

Thank you very much for your quickly replies.
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