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Pelponnesian War map test: 12/30/2016 13:50:26

Level 53
Hello everyone! I am here to announce that the Peloponnesian war big map is going to enter a testing
phase very soon.

I have finished almost all the bonuses necessary for the Peloponnesian war, and I want to test how well balanced I have made it, and make some changes if need be.

The most recent version can be viewed here: https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=62246

In order for this “beta” to take place, we will need at least 14 people. The usernames of all the participants will be mentioned in the map page.

So this is how it is going to be laid out:

There will be two teams that will be at war at the start of the game. Those are, obviously, the Peloponnesian and Athenian Leagues.

The rules will be:

-As there will be empty regions in the map(not done yet), you are not allowed to enter them
-I would prefer if there is no interference by neutral nations in the Peloponnesian war to test out the balancing
-Don’t be a douche and attack unprovoked
We can work out the victory conditions of the war as we go
I trust that none of you will break these rules, as you are interested to test the map in the first place. Please be sure to give feedback on the map.

Have fun!
Pelponnesian War map test: 12/30/2016 13:50:53

Level 53
Here is a list of the available nations, along with their intended incomes:

Peloponnesian League:

Spartiates: 710 from land +270 national bonuses -200 as support to allies =780

Megareis: 56 from land +64 from Spartans =120

Korinthioi: 100 from land +100 from national bonuses +100 from Spartans =300 *Taken by VonJewburg*

Thebaioi: 274 from land +96 from national bonuses =370

Leukadites: 45 from land +36 from Sparta =81

Athenian League:

Athenaioi: 435 from land +295 from allies =730

Rhodioi: 200 -40 to Athens =160 *Taken by xXOmegaXx*

Ionia: 160 -50 to Athens =110 *Taken by maleyaal*

Lesvos: 190 -60 to Athens =130

Allies in Makedonia: 190 -70 to Athens =120

Propontis: 220 -100 to Athens =120 *Taken by Zephyrum*

South Ionion: 90

Lokris: 91

Kerkyra: 74 +25 from Athens =99 *Taken by apollong3*

Kretes: 250 *Taken by NicV2K*

Argioi: 76 +32 from national bonuses =108

Achaioi: 73 +45 from national bonuses =118

Edited 1/6/2017 18:40:27
Pelponnesian War map test: 12/31/2016 01:09:42

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
Pelponnesian War map test: 1/1/2017 20:29:49

Level 53
no one else?

anyways, you can choose your nation
Pelponnesian War map test: 1/2/2017 22:00:02

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
I'll be Corinth
Pelponnesian War map test: 1/6/2017 16:50:20

Level 57
Sign me up for this,seems like an interesting map :D good work
Pelponnesian War map test: 1/6/2017 17:16:07

Level 55
I'd like to join as Rhoidioi.
Pelponnesian War map test: 1/7/2017 21:13:09

Level 53
By the way, good/experienced players should better take important positions (like Athens or Sparta) or very difficult ones (like Leukada)
Pelponnesian War map test: 1/8/2017 02:07:40

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
Sign me up for testing. Put me wherever you want, I don't mind.
Pelponnesian War map test: 1/12/2017 21:24:20

Level 49
I'd be interested in joining as a random nation/city state (?)
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