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Warlight hints/tips/: 11/14/2011 09:14:23

Level 2
Im new to playing warlight and I was wondering if someone could give me some hints or tips on the games. Also I have been reading several threads and it seems like there are courtesy's that Vets give each other that noobs dont know about. I have read several threads where people that have been playing for a while are complaining that newer people arnt following them. So I wanted to know what these courtesy's are. Im new and dont wanna boot people if its innapropriate even if they are passed the boot time. I havnt found anything that says what these are, just people complaining about newer folks not following them. Thanks for they help.
Warlight hints/tips/: 11/14/2011 10:13:42

Sarge in Arms
Level 2

Best way to learn it seems is to read the wiki and play, play, play.

Get to Multiplayer, sign up for new games, tournaments, etc.
Warlight hints/tips/: 11/14/2011 22:46:56

Level 28
key rule to remember:

If the direct boot is set to 5 mins that means you CAN boot at that time, not that you have to or you should.

The autoboot is the absolute limit.
Warlight hints/tips/: 11/14/2011 22:56:09

Level 54
Ask whatever may enlighten you when you meet a stronger player in a game, maybe asking before the end of the game if it would be possible after it to get some comments, when your opponent can finally check the whole history of the game.

Watching the history of good players can help you at least clean up your mechanics. The easiest way to find some of these is to check the games list of well-rated players on the ladder (see main menu, rankings).
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