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Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/25/2016 01:34:50

Level 39
I'm going to begin working on an 18th century naval battle scene soon.

Here's a bit of what to expect:
-Fully illustrated
-50-80 territories, optimized for 3vs3
-Tactical gameplay

draft preview:


There are four ships. The large one in the center is a British 1st Rate based on HMS Victory from the Napoleonic era. Two are pirate ships which will resemble a small may-flower-like and a small 17th century galleon. The fourth ship, set near the west horizon will be a French ship of a different build.

Most of the fighting will take place on the 1st Rate: above deck, tween deck, main hold, and possibly a fourth level at the very bottom of the ship. The three other ships will have 3-10 territories each to allow counter-boarding fights. The fighting will start above deck and slowly go inside. The top deck will have enough territories so that most of the fighting will remain there throughout the match.

I want the entire Team A to start on the 1st Rate. Team B will have 2 players on one pirate ship and 1 player on another. The French ship will be open for conquest.

iii) battle mechanics:
Territories will be placed in singular key points and strategic clumps, and be mixed in with background objects, rather than having the entire map one contiguous cluster of gray. The top deck on the 1st rate will have a ratio of around 1:4 to 1:7 and will decrease to 1:2 at the main hold(cargo). A few choke-points worth -1 to be determined.


I'll keep the preview updated as I work on the map
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/25/2016 14:13:13

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
wow that's a very short schedule. Deadlines are a very bad idea in general. I know that from my experience and that of others. But from what I can see on your sketch, it looks promising. We haven't had such thing before.
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/25/2016 17:17:45

Level 39
i'm also going to work on these two:

Seven Years War:

Naboo Battle:

and a couple more later
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/27/2016 01:25:01

Level 39
-Increased map size from 1200x900 to 2400x1800
-Fighting will take place inside the actual ships via cut-in's, rather than in a box panel
-Added stairs to tween deck
-Added cabin + outdoor balcony to tween deck
-Added dining hall to tween deck
-Connected stairs to main hold (bottom)


Please leave a comment. Any feedback will be appreciated!

1. What do YOU think about this map? What do you want added?
2. If you see something wrong or have map-making advice, please share.
3. If you like having map threads like this, say so!
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/27/2016 17:29:56

Level 56
I have no comment
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/27/2016 21:23:03

Level 55
downvoted for spamming this, I get you worked on this map, but don't spam.
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/28/2016 14:08:22

Level 39
its not spam its a log
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/29/2016 14:11:09

Level 7
Taht's right spe=ammers not welcome hewre
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/30/2016 04:55:00

Level 57
So according to the schedule you should be done with the map.
Can we see the final product?
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/30/2016 16:20:43

Level 39
That's right, it should be done by now >.<

NOTICE: Final update preview! Next comes the beta map when it is in testing!(~early January 2017)
UPDATE 12/30:
-textured masts

The map is 25% complete :0!

[]add sleeping quarters to main hold (bottom)
[]add weapon room to main hold (bottom)
[]draw crates, furniture, barrels, food supplies, shelves in main hold (bottom)

[]decorate the dining hall (tween deck) with wallpaper, lamps, dining-ware
[]add ballroom and library to back of ship (tween deck)

[]everything else!!!@!@! :(
NOTICE: Final update preview! Next comes the beta map when it is in testing!(~early January 2017)
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/30/2016 21:33:55

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Deadlines... they're always a bitch
Never-Seen-Before Naval Battle: 12/31/2016 00:18:29

Level 56
lol u work with a schedule... i work once about every 3-5 monthes for a couple minutes and then take a nap
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