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wizard lightening: 12/20/2016 17:19:56

Level 52
Well well well - I really need you in this level.
Even though I have managed to get a gold star in every level (except in Hopscotch which I dont like), this Wizard level is leaving me perplex....9 turns to finish it with a gold star, even though I know about the continuous attack, i really need some advises here as it took me...45 turns to end it...

hoping from you to get a light here
wizard lightening: 12/30/2016 21:09:48

Level 52
Nobody...really ?!...

anyway...forget it.

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wizard lightening: 1/6/2017 19:12:06

Level 61
I wonder if there should be a single player forum, I know single player and strategy can be categorised as strategy.. But I believe there is fundamental difference between playing humans and AIs which gives a variation of the responses given.

And when you take into consideration 7 thousand people watched a tutorial of Caesars challenge I'm sure there is sufficient demand for a Single player forum if advertised in the sin eplayer part of the game.
wizard lightening: 1/9/2017 23:24:08

Level 58
If you are still trying.
First turn take Negoib
2nd turn take Etnemids and Riefield by splitting your army in 2 and then re-merging the remaining 4 in Spiedlung Brachpfuhl.
3rd turn You can take whole island and 2 ships to the north moving your last 2 to the starting island.
4th turn. Attack Ai 1 with whole army. Should be able to wipe out/get down to 5 income.
5th turn attack Ai 2 with whole army should be able to weaken greatly get down to 10ish income.
6th turn attack Ai 3 with whole army should be able to weaken greatly get down to 20ish income.
Then just mope up the remainders over the next 3 turns.

Edited 1/9/2017 23:24:20
wizard lightening: 1/11/2017 09:44:19

Level 52
hello Harry
many thaks for your advices. Will try it ant try to understand why I couls never make it even though the other levels were ok.

Merci !!!
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