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Single Player Insane Help: 11/10/2011 17:13:42

Romans 13 
Level 56

Hello everyone,

I'm comming over from Kongregate and love this game. I'm trying to play my brother through e-mail for my first multiplayer game but first I'd like to beat the "insane" game in single player. I've tried and tried and can't seem to beat it. Any tips? Also, someone on the Kongregate leaderboards apparently beat "insane" in 12 turns, is that possible?

Single Player Insane Help: 11/10/2011 17:22:49

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59

No, 12 on Insane is impossible. It is likely a hack... its possible only on single players since the game is run on your personal browser, not on the Warlight server.

As for advice on Insane, I can't offer any as I have yet to beat it myself.

Single Player Insane Help: 11/10/2011 18:06:37

Level 4

Luck has a lot to do with it. I always started the game and expanded by actacking 3 armies to each adjacent square for a bonus. If I do not have all 3 bonus by end of second set of attacks, I started over. Getting to Svalbarg S and putting a blockade after ai is next to it is also important. If he sees only 10 armies there and you put more in and blockade it, he attacks and looses his entire force and sits there trying to build up to take it over. I usually put about 150 or more blockade there. You must then hurry to get the rest of your bonus and attack weeker AI members.

Single Player Insane Help: 11/10/2011 18:25:36

Level 36

I believe the shortest amount of turns on insane are 26. I wouldn't believe any of the records on Kongregate because there is a hack out there where you can have unlimited troops.

As for strategy, there are a lot of threads out there already explaining basic strategies so scroll through the forums and see what you can find. Some quick notes:

be always expanding
know how the AI acts in new territory (tends to favor the neutrals)
find choke points and abandon them at the right time when the AI is going to attack with a big stack
bonus break them as best you can
if the AI gets into your main territories contain them well.

There's a lot more, but those are some basics to help out. I don't have the time to look but someone could post the forum threads.

Also, if you feel necessary, use this youtube clip as a guide.

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