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a final post from vostro.: 11/9/2011 16:38:21

Level 2
i never annoy any web developer .....
because i respect them.

but this time looks like i had done something wrong ;

you managed me and the problems i had created ...
but the problems are not created in the sense of making warlight community bad.
i had created them to get it how you gonna take care of them .

i learned a lot of things these days ...
got knowledge of both developing and internet life situations....
how maturity on internet works out well ....
etc. etc .etc ....

i even tried to break out your account password at amazon cloud ...
i am still working on that . :)

despite of the fact you don't care whether i apologize or not ,
i wanted to say sorry .

i was bit angry of what you did with my account , as i wanted to complete my tournament before leaving , anyway the internet identity vostro is leaving warlight for ever .
i am happy that i had spent one of the happiest moments of my life on here warlight //
thanks for it,
i want a favor from everyone else , ... just Don't reply to this thread.

good night and b'bye ; have sweet dreams ....

-TheRealVostro lol
a final post from vostro.: 11/9/2011 16:44:25

Level 2
oh how could i forget it ....
a smile in the ending always turns out to be good.
a final post from vostro.: 11/9/2011 17:01:14

Level 9
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