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What to pick (Old ladder template): 11/15/2016 09:32:00

Level 58

This is what I get in tournament with old ladder settings. All 3 point bonuses are either wastelanded or countered and there is no viable 4 bonus combo. I am curious what others would choose, especially players who are seasoned with this template.
I made my picks already so there will be no advantage for me because of this thread.
What to pick (Old ladder template): 11/15/2016 11:00:49

Level 62
I'd go for:

  • South America
  • Antarctica
  • Central Russia
  • East China
  • West Africa
  • East Russia

South America to counter Centeral America. Antarctica because it's small and safe. Central Russia for coverage in Asia and general expansion. West Africa to conunter South America. East Russia to counter centeral Russia.
What to pick (Old ladder template): 11/15/2016 17:03:38

Level 57
South America
Central America
Central Russia
East China
West Russia

Central America is superior to Antarctica, If you get CA you're better off not attempting to take it, and breaking SA, whereas Antarctica with only a single front leaves you with a 1 income disadvantage vs. SA and with less flexibility when trying to break SA. Trading is to your benefit when you have the smaller bonus.

Central America also has superior long-term expansion with access to Japan/Hawaii, and North America. Antarctica isn't very good with Australia wastelanded.

Central Russia is superior to West Russia because it can access the east (Scandi is wastelanded, and Europe is trash-tier), and more importantly it can see Caucasus, if you start in West Russia and don't know whether someone is in Caucasus there is the potential for a nasty counter.

East China is inferior to Central Russia, and arguably West Russia, but it is better to be in East China and Central Russia, rather than West Russia and Central Russia in a scenario where Caucasus belongs to the opponent.

Greenland is safe, and has decent long-term expansion opportunities.

With Russia as 6th pick you can't get it and have an opponent in Caucasus. If you get it the opponent is in Greenland and East China, for sure. They may or may not also be in Central Russia depending on whether you got both 1/2, or split the two.

Edited 11/15/2016 17:11:01
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