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LOOKING FOR A CLAN: 11/13/2016 19:10:38

Eliziejaus laukai
Level 56
Hi all, i am quite active player, mostly i play on evening and also on weekends, i do like this game and i think that i have a lot of potential to improve, i would gladly join clan which can help me to improve faster, be sure that it will pay off ^_^
LOOKING FOR A CLAN: 11/13/2016 19:23:04

Level 46
LOOKING FOR A CLAN: 11/13/2016 19:31:59

Level 60
CORP, The Juggernauts Clan, Hydra, New World Order all take in players that want to improve their play.
LOOKING FOR A CLAN: 11/13/2016 20:51:13

Level 59
Hi Alizija !

The Juggernauts Clan can be a good lan for you, as we have a very active community, internal tournaments and we can help you to improve!

If you are interested, check our clan page , or send me an email!

Edited 11/13/2016 20:51:32
LOOKING FOR A CLAN: 11/14/2016 07:26:56

Level 56
Do not, I repeat, do NOT join Felidae
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