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Pichu's Magnetic Orchestra: 11/12/2016 19:37:44

Level 25
Pichu's Magnetic Orchestra is a clan that plans to focus on fun events like clan wars and other clan activities, we are open to anything providing the template used is decent.

We are looking for recruits right now, and we accept alts. The purpose of our clan is to provide users with another platform to compete as a competitive unit with other players.

We only accept players with reasonable levels of skill. If you're interested in joining our prerequisites for your main are as follows:

1: Have a 1v1 win rate of at least 50%, as well as reasonable team stats.
2: Speak English well enough that people can communicate with you in team games.

If your main has tournament victories or ladder experience this is also a plus.

If you want to tryout for the clan, then send me a message and show me a game or two that you had played. We are a no funny-business clan, but we don't take ourselves too, too seriously. We plan to win, and we plan to win big. If you have any questions about the clan, please feel free to ask.

Edit: Oh I also realize it might seem strange or trollish that my account is called "Nox Imposter", but Nox is a friend of mine and it's really just a joke (Since I often play with him and use this account when he's sleeping). But I plan to level this account up a lot more now.

Edited 11/12/2016 19:41:05
Pichu's Magnetic Orchestra: 11/12/2016 19:43:14

Level 61
Is this a brand new clan away from NWO?

Is this a new NWO brand?

Reason why I'm confused is Pichu was looking for leaders for NWO a few weeks ago so I'm assuming there was one found but for this instead?

Either way, Good luck with clan.
Pichu's Magnetic Orchestra: 11/12/2016 19:51:50

Level 25
This is unrelated to NWO but we have some guys like Benoit and Nox involved. Thank you very much you've always been very kind to me :)

Edited 11/12/2016 19:53:56
Pichu's Magnetic Orchestra: 11/12/2016 21:36:45

Level 60
Welcome to the world of competitive clans, PMO. May I ask, in your own words what is it you bring to the community that is unique?
Pichu's Magnetic Orchestra: 11/14/2016 02:16:29

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
pokemon memes. ^
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