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Alt History game - Trotsky-led USSR in the 1930's: 11/8/2016 19:05:57

EternalBaconator (retired)
Level 56
Alternate History: Stalin out, Trotsky in (Beta Version)
I tried my best to make this scenario pretty balanced. Please ask for an invite if you want to join! After a while, I'll be filling all slots that aren't taken with open seats.
Game link: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=12253619
The year is 1935, and in this timeline, Trotsky beats Stalin for control of the USSR after Lenin's death. This has serious ramifications on world history: the USSR is much more aggressive in its expansionism, and, as a result, Western countries respond. The world is at a tipping point and pent up aggressions unsolved by the Great European War remain. How will you react?

Neutral stacks represent industrial nations reeling from the Great Depression. Army cap is 25 times your income!

A: USSR; Led by Trotsky, militant and expansionist but weak from overextension.
B: Soviet satellite states; Still relatively weak from recent communist revolutions.
C: Soviet Italy; The Italian communists, in the wake of their victory over Mussolini's black shirts, establish a soviet state and hand over most of their territory in Africa (besides Italian and Soviet bases) to create the...
D: United African Socialist Republic; Attempt by Trotsky's Comintern to gain a permanent foothold in Africa. Weak, but still supporting revolutions across the continent.
E: Tibetan Soviet Socialist Republic; After a revolution from within the sovereign nation, Tibet turned into a military powerhouse, backing revolutions in the Pacific and Indonesia.
F: Spanish Soviet Socialist Republic; After the Nationalists floundered with no support from Europe, the other side set up a communist state supported by the Soviet Union. They, too, gave up territory in Africa.
G: International Latino Revolutionary Force; Established by the Comintern and communist Brazil, this guerilla army has taken control of several Central American nations and parts of the South American jungle.
H: United Brazilian Socialist Republics; After a quick and bloodless coup less than a year ago, this massive South American nation has established itself as a powerful member of the Comintern.
I: German Revolutionary Forces; A communist militia made of German workers and supported by the Soviet Union.

Democracies & Capitalists:
Z: USA; World’s foremost democratic power. Ruling Democrats continue to combat the Great Depression with works programs and aggressive expansionism in Latin America to stimulate growth.
Y: UK; A powerful empire focused on defending their sphere of influence from communist aggression.
X: France; Another large empire looking to forestall a collapse of their colonial system.
W: Portugal; A smaller empire facing communist aggression in Africa.
V: Canada; A loyal ally of the democracies. Split from the UK.
U: Various capitalist European nations; Some monarchies and some democracies. These countries still have colonies to maintain.
T: The Pan-Asian League; Three monarchies that formed a union to protect themselves from democratic or communist revolution.
S: Turkey; Strong democracy struggling to defend its borders against communists.
R: American puppet governments; These Latin American countries have been invaded by the US and are controlled by the American corporations that operate within them.
Q: Colombia; A South American democracy weakened by communist rebels in their south. Friendly to the US and Europe.
P: Venezuela; Another South American democracy weakened by communist rebels in their south. Not as friendly to the US and Europe.
O: Third German Empire; Led by Adolf Hitler, a Great War vet, this far-right militia has taken control of the anti-communist movement in Germany. Receives support from almost all Western countries.
N: Peru; Stable capitalist ally of the US.
M: Bolivia; Capitalist democracy, struggling to defend against communists from Brazil.
L: Argentina; Right-leaning capitalist country. Relatively stable.
K: Chile; Capitalist democracy and friend of the US.
AB: China; A weak capitalist democracy. Fighting against communist rebels who do not have support from the Soviet Union.

AA: Japan; Capitalist, but militaristic and unfriendly towards most Western powers.
AC: Mexico; Teetering between capitalism and socialism.
Alt History game - Trotsky-led USSR in the 1930's: 11/8/2016 22:42:07

EternalBaconator (retired)
Level 56
Leon Trotsky was a butcher, just like Stalin - there's a reason he led the Red Army. Want an invite?
Alt History game - Trotsky-led USSR in the 1930's: 11/8/2016 23:05:17

EternalBaconator (retired)
Level 56
Alt History game - Trotsky-led USSR in the 1930's: 11/9/2016 07:08:28

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
^He was more of a Pol Pot-type person than a Kim Jong-un-type person. This would have made him more deadly than Stalin. However he was not a horrible human being, unlike Stalin or Kim Jong-un.

Being more deadly than Stalin makes you a horrible person.

Invite me
Alt History game - Trotsky-led USSR in the 1930's: 11/9/2016 08:37:15

Level 51
a Bukharin-led one would be more interesting for me IMO, althought very unlikely.

I'll still join tho, please invite as Turkey
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