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Warning! Very important!: 11/7/2011 00:42:10

Level 2
Attention, everyone! This is a warning! It is very important! There is a loser out there who has created a duplicate account against mine! So, if there is any forums that are being posted or have been posted in the General Warlight Discussion Section, other than this forum, please ignore them! It is just a loser that has just created a duplicate account to cyberbully me and harass me! If that loser who has created the duplicate account is reading this, then beat it! I will have many people who will ignore you, if you try to do anything else, so I suggest you permanently leave Warlight.net. Plus, Fizzer is going to find out sooner or later, so I suggest that you do not try to cyberbully me again! You have 1 day to stop doing this to me, or else I am telling Fizzer! Goodbye duplicate account!

-No one listen to any more of the forums that claim I have posted them!
Warning! Very important!: 11/7/2011 01:17:25

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
So in other words, business as usual...
Warning! Very important!: 11/7/2011 02:08:00

Level 11
Not really as important as you think it is.
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