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WW3 predictions: 12/18/2013 18:57:04

The 1e Orange
Level 20
Place in this topic what your WW3 predictions is.

My prediction:

WW3 will be between 2 parties that are fighting for world domination.

Those parties will be:
1. A group that is focusing on raising the quantity of people. They feel united by their belivings, witch also supporting them to take manny children.
2. Different groups that focus on the rising the quality of the people. They are more focused to make people smarter, they raise the quality of education and some groups even use their technology to take there errors out of there DNA.

I think pary 1 slity has the favor to win WW3, because they have time in there faver, more then party 2, and they are already infiltrated into all groups of party 2.
WW3 predictions: 12/18/2013 19:43:07

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
WW3 is already happening - it consists of extremist groups conducting terrorism around the world with (mainly) developed countries attempting to combat it.

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WW3 predictions: 12/18/2013 21:42:32

The 1e Orange
Level 20
"Extremist groups conducting terrorism around the world with (mainly) developed countries attempting to combat it."

That is nothing compared to a real WW.

You just describe a smal group of party 1, but the majority of party 1 knows that its no use to fight yet. they focus on multiplying, until they feel they are abel to win a world wide war.
WW3 predictions: 12/19/2013 02:02:12

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
My predictions.
1. The United States and its Asian allies goes to war with China and its allies because of a land dispute between China and Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan. All of which we swore to protect. China would have the immediate advantage of its location so supply lines and troop reinforcements are faster, but the US has the long run advantage as its more technologically superior and has a larger Navy/Air Force. The war would be long and would hurt all the countries involved dearly as China and soon North Korea will have missile range to strike America, Cuba would use this as an excuse to get involved and launch their shitty missiles at the Eastern Seaboard causing destruction of Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston, Colombia, and Charlotte at the least. America would retaliate and crush Cuba quickly as the people are on Americas side. America would free itself of its debt and manufacturing dependence on the Far East, the US would rise a much stronger world power than ever before.

2. The United States intervenes when Iran gains nuclear capability and launches an attack on Israel, beginning a World War in the Mid East. Israel would retaliate with its own Nuclear weapons. Most middle Eastern countries would side with Iran and a few ( Egypt, Jordan, The "Stan countries, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain) would side with America. Russia, China, and India would fight for their own gains (China for trade dominance to the East, Russia to gain back old Soviet satellites, and India for the pure purpose of fucking up Pakistan) Europe would be divided, old Bloc countries may side with Russia (with the exceptions of Poland, and Czechoslovakia). West Europe would begin fighting on the side of America. Africa and South America would choose sides and Africa would begin fighting actual Nation V. Nation wars within itself. Again Cuba would strike only to get destroyed by America and Mexican troops. Russia would Launch against the US and fighting would take place in Asia as the Korea's and Japan and Taiwan fight for dominance, China would crumble as rebellion took down the Communist government. Australia would fight on the USA's side. The victor here is unknown, odds are relatively even as Nuclear Powers square off and call bluffs. North Africa would fall as Egyptian and Israeli troops took it for "defense purposes" the "Stan" countries would fight for access to the Caspian sea. The Aral dams would be destroyed causing the Aral Sea to come back over the course of a few weeks. The nations of the world would never look the same as cities fall and governments crumble. America may well invade Mexico and Canada for strategic launch points against enemy Nations, they would initially be welcomed, thought there National Pride would cause rebellion quickly. At the end of this long and drama filled war. many nations are gone, many have simply been utterly destroyed causing the displacement of millions if not billions of people. South-East Asia stays intact as long as they cooperate with India and Australia, Burma is picked off as it is a threat. Hopefully at the end of this America still stands free, after Cuban and Russian invasions that were slowly pushed back off the shores of America.

3. North Korea invades the South, causing intervention from many sides, causing a mainly Asian WWIII, Nukes may be launched. but devastation would not be overpowering

4. America intervenes in an idiotic conflict costing millions of American lives, Red or Blue states Secede (depending on the situation) and a civil War erupts. Damage is mainly in America As Texas and the south up to the Carolina's Secedes along with Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, and Nebraska. Mexico would be invaded by a Southern task force to clean out Cartels, a CSA ( Confederate States of America) friendly government is installed. Or the North Secedes with California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho leave the Union and create a liberal nation.
either way it would become a race war as blacks, always feeling slighted start killing whites and Hispanics, who band together. The war would be devastating as Americas stockpiles get divided, captured, and recaptured. America would lose its stance in the world and other Nations would gain influence. the Nation or Nations emerging from this American Civil War would not be very powerful or hold much sway as the UN kicks out the US after the war begins and leaves for Berlin or London. It would be a dark period in history.

Sorry for the long post!!! I have a lot of opinion and strategy to discuss.
I could say a lot more.
WW3 predictions: 12/19/2013 08:29:15

Level 49
The Ants unite. 'Nuff said
WW3 predictions: 12/20/2013 21:58:13

Red Menace
Level 55
I created a World War Three game that is currently being played by my clan, the United Nations. We also invited the Roleplay guild to increase friendly relations.


The game hasn't started yet, but feel free to watch how the game will turn up.
WW3 predictions: 12/20/2013 21:59:32

Red Menace
Level 55
Btw Yuri, I think a world war three would most likely start in the Middle Eastern-area first...
WW3 predictions: 12/20/2013 23:38:36

Level 47
we are currently living in the most peaceful period in human history i believe it will just get better from here as the dictatorships fall one by one more democracy are established and maybe a one world order will appear so in my opinion there will never be a world war 3
WW3 predictions: 12/21/2013 03:34:45

{rp} hay 
Level 37
I recently read an interesting article predicting that World War III would not be centered on Western nations, but would instead be a struggle between India and China over the Brahmaputra River. Both countries badly need the water resources from the river, but China basically plans to divert the whole waterway to their use. The debate seems heated enough for war to become plausible in the next few decades, and both nations have plenty of allies to call in and make it a world war. I think the scenario could happen if China actually carries out their plans.

Oh, and your predictions are interesting Yuri Hellovic. I think scenario 4 sounds pretty far-fetched though.
WW3 predictions: 12/21/2013 10:21:00

Level 58
I predict that WW3 will be over oil and other depleting resources. It will be started by one more extremist country but others will join in to try and get these resources. Countries like China, USA and central European countries will be the main countries needing these resources but even smaller countries in South America and Africa will find themselves in that position.

Other countries will be facing invasion due to there resources. East Africa and other parts of the world for its rare resources. The oil especially will cause trouble as many countries have not developed enough alternative methods of electrical production in time. Places like the middle east will see large fighting but also countries like Great Britain will face trouble, due to the contradictory oil reserves in the Falklands but also the recently discovered large oil reserves found in ocean around Great Britain will extend the countries oil supplies for over 30 years.

To conclude it will be many nations using old diplomatic problems (Falklands, Taiwan, North/South Korea) to try and get those depleting resources.
WW3 predictions: 12/21/2013 14:34:31

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57

Really? You seem to think of a war in old (arguably outdated) terms. The strategy of these groups is genius; they triggered the first successful air attack on the US mainland, and have killed soldiers on pretty much every continent. They have successfully created fear in many places, helping extremist groups flourish in more stable countries.

War today is very different to how it used to be; a world war comparable to WWI & WWII will most likely never happen.

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WW3 predictions: 12/21/2013 16:49:42

Level 58
WW3 will start when jay takes #1 on the ladder.
I'll lose all faith in humanity and build 3 gazillion nukes then booom booom boooom bang bang bang!

you better hope that jay stays unfocused on the ladder...
WW3 predictions: 1/1/2014 03:43:21

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
nobody took my very well though out and smart predictions seriously
WW3 predictions: 1/1/2014 19:18:18

Level 53
Hellbender's prediction are the least likely especially number 4.world war 3 is unlikely as earth has become more peaceful and is still getting more peaceful.
WW3 predictions: 1/1/2014 23:10:35

Level 60
besides the fact that WW2 is officially still going on (Japan and Russia never made truce because, as always with Japan, the discussion over some islands)

The world is indeed getting more peaceful, but that doesn`t matter much. Besides the fact that war is inevidible when sources are getting more rare, policits can change quickly. The US only has to invade one wrong country and both russia and china will try to stop it. Japan and india will be on the side of the US and between these countries it never worked well, so something like that can be fatal.
If the EU falls apart it probably won`t take long before a war in eastern europe starts (lets be honest, Europe isn`t the most peacefull continent looking at history) This may lead to Russia helping there, leading to the western countries to send armies to. Also possible to get worse and worse and result in a world war.

But I think WW3 would be completely different from what we see as WW1 and WW2.Although we have massdestruction weapons and long-ranged weapons, I personally think that WW3 will be much more about breaking the opponent by cutting of internet (try to hack them and find information that way), using EMP bombs and cutting of resources. Most of the nations won`t be stable when you drop a few EMPs on them and stop giving them certain resources (or at least give them less than they needed normally, when they didn`t have to build shit for war) The world has become addicted to resources, elektricity and internet. I think that if a nation manages to cut these of from the nation they are in war with they`ll have a much easier job, so these thing will be the first things taken care of, afterwards soldiers will of course still have to fight, since you can`t defeat a country by only doing the things mentioned above.

EDIT: If war starts somewhere and I had to give the countries it would happen between at this point, it would be China and N-Korea vs. India, Japan and S-Korea (although other countries might join quickly, I think these will be the main source of the problem)

Edited 1/1/2014 23:14:53
WW3 predictions: 1/3/2014 20:08:17

6th Army Group
Level 52
1) Possibility ; Japan's prime minister gets a little to cocky with the US behind his back and continues this Japanese Imperial Army/Navy fantasy and hires some mercenary force or some unit of the Japanese Army to destroy Chinese Military installations somewhere. Abe thinks it's a good move and when China demands reparations, and they are denied them, they go to war. The US is obliged to side with Japan so Abe (Japanese PM) can carry out his glorious Japan Fantasy. South Korea is overrun quickly, Japan is lost in a year, and US forces scramble to defend themselves in the Pacific. Russia and India carefully chose a side.
2) Some years in the future, the US has continued to decline and downgrade its military for the budget. China decides it wants its debt money. The US has none, China comes to invade the US to turn us into the next @#$& hole with hundreds of thousands of factories and mines.
3) China and the Philipines escalate their crisis over a few island chains. The Philipines begs for US help. As US military presence increases, so does Sino-US relations strain. Some incident happens, maybe a miscommunication that causes one navy to open fire on the other, causing a war of the US, India, Viet Nam, Phillipines, South Korea, Great Britain, Australia, France ,Japan, Saudi Arabia (wanting help vs Iran) and Israel vs China, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan,Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Laos, and Bangladesh. As you could imagine, non of the middle eastern countries would send troops to deploy elsewhere in the world.
Germany would stay neutral to keep their economic relations with China good.

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WW3 predictions: 1/4/2014 04:19:10

Level 53
Ehm more unrealistic scenarios but sixth army it's impossible for china to ask for all it's debts at once.lso america at a last option could always just launch it njukes at china and even if they didn't it wouldn't be easy to keep 300 million people in check in a territory as big as america. The chinese would easily get overrun by american rebels and forced to leave same if america invaded china.

GUYS it has been 10 years and america still can't subdue a tiny afghanistan with a population less than 10% that of the USA fighting a small faction.The USA spent one trillion alone in afghanistan. Let us face it ww3 would be time consuming and expensive that's why it's unlikely.we can all dream of a china,america clash but if ww3 did occur no country is going to be conquered it would likely be over some small territory that can be controlled easily and wouldn't be too long and expensive.

Surprised no one has mentioned syria in their ww3 predictions.

I now place my scenario.A bit far-fetched like the rest here.

North korea has a civil war, an elite faction that wants to take the chinese route of economy calls on foreign powers to help them.Quickly the USA and south korea side with them and send help to them.China sides with it's ally North korea and so does Iran who seeks to undermine amrican power.Russia sides with the north korean government hooping to estblish a new ally in the east.India joins the American side due to it's hatred of china.The paskistani government despite being allies of america support the north koreans as part of their dislike of the indian government.Vietnam and cuba joins the war and sides with the north koreans because yeah communism.

The Caucasian separatists in Russia use this involvement to reopen hostilities with russia because this is as good a time to do so also because the Americans have encouraged them to do so.Several islamist groups rush to caucasia to wage a holy war on russia and this discourages america from supporting the caucasian seperatists.Iran and hezbollah being close to caucasia and not supporting this rebels move in to caucasia to help the russians.

Saudi Arabia keep their support to the caucasian separatists and some foreign factions there.Pakistan,indian,israel and china get involved in this caucasian conflict supporting several different sides.The americans get involved but are careful about how they do it.

A struggling north korean government sells nucleur weapons to several developing countries in latin america,asia and africa.The USA are quite angry at this as this means the countries can start their own nucleur programs.The USA sends several spies to stop the delivery to different countries.One of the spies got caught in saudi Arabia and the saudis mistake it to be an israeli spy due to them not imagining it to be the americans.The issue escalates and neARLY LEADS TO WAR WITH THE TWO COUNTRIES.(sorry caps) The americans fail to stop or the nukes from reaching the countries and with the money gained the north korean win the civil war.The weakened north korea decides to enact civil rights and political rights as it can not survive a civilian uprising.Caucasia is still a mess but the Russian,Indian,iranian,vietnamesse,cuban and Chinese factions and countries seem to win against the nato,American, Saudi, israeli,paskitani side.Aftyer 10-15 gruesome years of war in caucasia the americans withdraw and so does nato,israel,saudi arabia and pakistan.The russian,Chinese,indian,Cuban,vietnamesse side had won both major world stages of world war.

The North Korea Civil war lasts 10-15 years and goes on parralel to the Caucasian crisis.Since the trouble in caucaus has the same people involved and goes on with the north korean civil war they are just known as the caucasian arena and the korean arena.

Whether my prediction is wrong the future is proxy wars.
WW3 predictions: 1/7/2014 04:29:28

Arc Light
Level 53
I know of 2 possible scenarios for ww3
The policy of MAD is gone with nuclear shields. The fat man in north korea decides to start the world war with the demand of south korea, and threat of destruction.
Meanwhile, as people around the world have been educated to hate the united states, a ring of anti-American countries, countries hungry for power, and terrorist and paramilitary groups gang up against the United States and their allies. This group is including many Islamic countries, south American countries, and first world paramilitary groups with the popular support from populations that hate the USA.
Back in Korea, the fat man launches a nuke on US forces in south korea, killing hundreds of thousands. The USA is unsure with what to do, as NK (North Korea) now has the ability to strike the USA. US forces pull out of Korea, and a mass slaughtering of south Koreans ensue. Japan is afraid to turn out like south korea, so after korea gives a 'warning' strike with ballistic missiles on civilians, Japan capitulates, wishing not to be destroyed like SK (south Korea) for their resistance and cooperation to the USA.
Over the next few years, the USA does nothing to the Fat Man's new empire, fearing retaliation. His nuclear arsenal grows. The USA tries to support gov'ts around the world to stop anti-American paramilitary groups from taking over, but fails without support of the people, similar to in the Vietnam war, except much more quickly.
These anti-American groups sieze control of their nations and work to try to get the neutral [ for their best interest] China and Russia to join with sabotage. An attack pulls of on Chinese and Russian troops, framed by the USA. China and Russia are enraged and declare war.
Britain, France, and other American allies in NATO back off from US support as the anti-American movement grows, even in their countries. The countries are 'spared' for now.
The USA is invaded in a bloody struggle by this anti-American coalition. The coalition has a strategic goal. They strike only at important cities: Washington and New York. To help crush American morale they also crush Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, and Boston. They also seize power in coastal areas and set out airstrikes vs. US air forces bases, to crush any hope of American resistance. The coalition, which is 1/2 Russian and Chinese, then holds power in these important areas, and choke trade until they convince the Americans to give up.
Meanwhile, the Anti-American paramilitary groups are also taking power in America's former most strong allies in NATO. With the help of the coalition, they take over these countries. What happens next is unknown.

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WW3 predictions: 1/20/2014 04:55:49

Level 51
We could just destroy North Korea and The Fat man with Nukes though...
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