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World Of Warcraft 2016 (Small): 11/3/2016 13:01:43

Level 56
This is my frist map (https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=60950)
Any opinions?

PD: I need help with bonus :(
PD2: someone want help me a testing map?

Edited 11/3/2016 21:20:50
World Of Warcraft 2016 (Small): 11/3/2016 13:55:53

Level 59
First will always be hard. Have you tried if armies will fit into the territories. I see some that are clearly too small. The tip here would be: Before you draw full map, draw a territory and match it to best ratio for army size indicator and use that and anchor point when drawing others.

Second suggestions - play with the nods. At moment I see you have rectangular and circular nods mixed up and not all territories look good with it. Try experimenting with them to get the perfect shape you like.

What help you need with bonuses? Everyone has its own taste in that field, so go with what you feel like suits best for your map concept. There are two ways to see that: symmetry and value. Symmetry means every bonus with size of X territories equals same bonus value. Most players thus far have used "Bonus Value = Number of territories in bonus - 1", but there are plenty of versions how to do it.
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