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New Map Ideas: 11/6/2011 21:28:49

Level 2
I have a few of ideas of some maps I would like to see, so if you can't figure out what map you want to make next, then here are some ideas:

1.Map of Hogwarts from Harry Potter
2.Map of Hogsmeade from Harry Potter
3.Map of Chess Board

If you have anymore ideas for maps, please post your ideas here. If you would like to form a team to make one of these maps, then I could find the places and what the map should look like for the map, and you could draw the details. If you have anymore maps you want someone to find the places and/or what the map should look like, then I would be happy to help.

New Map Ideas: 11/7/2011 06:43:55

Level 5
i think chess is already there but i don't know
New Map Ideas: 11/7/2011 07:18:13

Level 23
I did not check if there were any Harry Potter fans, but I did check the Map of a Chess Board. Ignoring the two grid maps, this seems to be the closest to a Chess map: http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer.aspx?PreviewMap=2930
In any case I am not a person who makes maps at the moment so I will unlikely be able to help make a map.
New Map Ideas: 11/8/2011 09:47:25

:T: Crazee
Level 2
For DSA-Fans:

- Dere
- Aventurien
- Myranor
- ...
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