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Trouble displaying ads: 12/17/2013 07:16:19

Level 11
Ha, no trouble displaying them I just don't want them displayed. Funny bit about getting less points for winning if I don't. Bloody sad to see what's changed for the worse in 4 months.
Trouble displaying ads: 12/18/2013 01:53:38

Level 9
So you really think this site is ran solely off of us purchasing Memberships? The required moola to run and upkeep a server such as one for Warlight is more than what one membership per couple of days can afford.

Sites use Advertisements because it's an easier way to pay for the site that they have to host.
I actually love to see that Warlight has added these. It makes them less reliant on Memberships, and eventually you can get most post-membership perks for free, just by playing the game.

The only time it's really worth complaining about advertisements is if you paid for the game. Otherwise, there's no point.
Trouble displaying ads: 12/18/2013 03:37:24

Level 51
you created ur account yesterday and have no games, i dont think you have even seen the ads ever (except in forums)

Edited 12/18/2013 03:37:35
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