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this is not good .....: 11/2/2011 13:25:54

Level 3
well i have 5-6 warlight accounts , none of them got banned , , just wanna ask fizzer , could this problem get solved that one person could only hold a single account ?

{ Could you make such a way that fake Ips also don't work }

pls don't ban my account , i am just asking lol.
this is not good .....: 11/2/2011 13:32:14

Seatide Landon
Level 2
5-6 accounts??? Well, as long as you don't play in a game using more than 1 account, you'll be alright.
this is not good .....: 11/2/2011 13:42:00

Level 3
well , i don't prefer to play with two account on the SAME GAME

because that's very silly thing to make your stats looks good

but yup its possible to play SAME GAME with two of your accounts ,
i on my own confirmed this by doing that.

but my problem is that , I AM STILL ALRIGHT !
why don't this technological world has A techy way to automatically BAN my all accounts ! :(
{except this one }
this is not good .....: 11/2/2011 13:51:00

Level 5
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**3. You shall not operate more than one WarLight account *in a way that gives you an advantage in a game, tournament or ladder*.**
Posts 1 - 4 of 4