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Struggling with Europe: Challenge: 10/29/2011 00:27:18

Level 2
Hey there,

I have tried to do Europe: Challenge maybe 20 times now and I always wretchedly failed. I tried different strategies, like giving all support armies to my allied partner, giving them only to me, focusing on the southwest first, going towards Germany first, expanding slowly, expanding quickly... in the ende, there is always some 200+ army coming I can't defend.

Maybe I am overlooking sth obvious or maybe I am just too stupid a general. Anyways, if you have any hints, shoot them at me!

Struggling with Europe: Challenge: 10/29/2011 03:54:37

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
I like to go two ways...
1) amass your given troops (13 per turn) and go up norway, taking your partners territory.
2) Then march your troops south through germany, to the tip of Italy. Make sure you always are attacking with 2x troops, so move some of your 50 troops over before attaking initially.

Then, once you defeat the 100 troop army in northern italy, work your way up north east with the troops you have left, and a small contingent towards Spain.

Your goals are to 1) disrupt his bonuses and 2) try to get your own bonuses.

Whats going to happen is, that he will likely go through Norway into england, and down into europe. I generally use my first airlift to help beat the Italian army, my 2nd to stall the Norway troops, then the 3rd to help me go up to the northeast rapidly.

Once your're earning 40+ troops per turn and are 15 turns into it, you have it beaten. If you did a good job disrupting his bonuses, he's getting less than 10 troops per turn to your 50, then its just a matter of attrition. Root him out of the corners of the maps, then close back in. Use your later air lift cards to bring troops from the back lines right up to his small mass to go hand to hand combat.
Struggling with Europe: Challenge: 10/29/2011 14:33:53

Level 4
Here is the strategy I used for my gold star:

1) Don't let the germans have those huge russian bonusses. I did this by airlifting as soon as possible to the russians in a position near the border of 3 big bonusses. I even gave them a second airlift. This way you take the pressure of your own front as the germans will (a) focus more on the russians;(b) will lose more troops to the russians as they are able to hold on to the bonusses longer;(c) will have less income for the rest of the game;(d) won't be sending huge stacks west before you are ready.

2) Take out that large stack in the beginning by defending. try to move one of your big stacks at the start of the turn to the place it's going to attack/move towards.

3) Take spain/portugal with minimal forces to increase your bonusses.

4) Push east from denmark to italy all the time. Have several semi-big stacks take the fastest routes and bottlenecks, so you go deep fast and have most armies at the front. You'll only need to reinforce these stacks occasionally.

5) Take the bonusses along the route with smaller stacks or 2 attacks.

6) If the germans reinforce past your big stacks, just keep those stacks busy with small attacks vs the territories they leave behind.

7) Keep your late airlifts (after first 2, possible after first 3) for when you need them to take out his bigger eastern stacks. Simply get the enemy stack in a position where it will attack a semi-big stack (or even a 1 stack) and airlift a big stack or reinforcements to it. In order to do this after your first 3 airlifts, you'll need to concentrate forces that are no longer pushing deep into one big stack.
Struggling with Europe: Challenge: 10/30/2011 20:19:30

Level 2
Hey thanks guys! I tried taking Scandinavia and that worked fine. Also trying to not let the Nazis get the huge Russian boni helped a lot.

Now I am struggling with "World-crazy". I quite understand why it's called crazy...
Any hints here?
Struggling with Europe: Challenge: 10/30/2011 20:29:08

Level 11
I completed it by reinforcing the AI ally through Norway with the airlift reinforcements. It took many turns but if you do it like this it's virtually impossible to lose.
Struggling with Europe: Challenge: 10/31/2011 00:21:43

Level 3
I sucked too because I was so dumb that I did not notice airlift-forces lol...

But my strategy was:

1) Send all your forces to russians and some of your forces in a north to Norway when there is enemy forces. It keeps germans busy and you can attack against German in a west.

2) Take Spain, France, Italy, just use your common sense. The most critical is that you try to take away enemy bonusess. It is easy. Just attack small forces into some territory and that's it.

3) Try to secure some new areas so you can have more bonus. And take out Spain with minimal forces. There is no enemy stacks.

Then you just need to go towards east and take out bonus areas. Russians will do good job with your reinforcements.
Struggling with Europe: Challenge: 10/31/2011 00:25:46

Level 3
Crazy map is fucking hard I know...

The best way is just to start in Africa or North-America. Try to expand very fast and when you make something like 20 - 30 units in a turn just attack into Asia. There are enemies bonus territories. And try to attack into North-America at the same time. Do anything to keep enemies away from bonus-units.

You need pure luck too: weaker side must be enough strong to keep the stonger side a little bit busy. And when you complete the crazy-challange please do not try insane ;-)
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