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sorry for my being booted...: 10/28/2011 21:46:55

Monsenhor Chacina 
Level 5
hey all.

just to say sorry for all team mates that i let down when i got booted and opponents i frustrated for making them wait... i was unable to get any internet connection to extend my vacation time, so i ended up being booted.

very soon i will face the same problem, so i won't join the ladder for a while (and won't be able to join tournaments).

to heyheuhei: man, it has been real fun to have you as a ladder team mate. we rocked! i won't be able to get back to the ladder for at least a couple of months, so i completely understand if you team up with someone else.

to my WL friends: i am being relocated to south sudan (no kidding, right!)... and will try to get some internet connection down there as soon as possible.

sorry for my being booted...: 10/28/2011 22:37:13

Level 3
out of all the stories out here on warlight , this one made me really sad :(
sorry for my being booted...: 10/28/2011 22:55:18

Seatide Landon
Level 2
I wish you luck in South Sudan!
sorry for my being booted...: 10/28/2011 23:18:00

BishesUpInErr (AHoL)
Level 4
Good luck bud, you'll be missed here
sorry for my being booted...: 10/29/2011 17:38:30

Level 55
it's too bad we couldn't have more epic 2 v 2 ladder matches. might have to wait for those.

what's the/your working language in sudan? english or french?
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