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Links to warlight games: 10/27/2011 16:51:14

Level 2
Hi, i'm pretty new but I was wondering, how do you create a link to a warlight game that I could share with friends and colleagues? So that they can go through the history and see what happened over the course of the game,

Thanks everyone,
Links to warlight games: 10/27/2011 17:01:37

Level 54
Well it's a big indirect : go to the game you played, then go to your opponent's profile page. There you'll find the list of games you've played together. Clicking on a game in that list will lead you to the game opened in a page where you'll have the good url link to copy.
Links to warlight games: 10/27/2011 17:01:59

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Open the game, click Settings in the bottom left corner. You'll see a field that says Link to Game that you can copy/paste.
Links to warlight games: 10/27/2011 17:06:19

Level 36
If it's one that you and others would like to see in your profile, you can set it up as a favorite game and it will be in your profile.
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