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Warlight RP Conspiracy: 10/18/2016 21:57:19

Level 47
Something absolutely horrific and terrifying that I encountered in this Lobby.


The self-proclaimed Elite of Warlight tries to reduce the Roleplaying that was once an absolute common thing to do, to their one percent.

They belittle everyone who was not choosen into their ranks and openly denounce them. Even when I confronted them they began to laugh at me.


The RP-Proletariat has to rise up against this 1% and let Warlight become a commune(ity) that enjoys RP as a thing of everyone.

Let the 1% not become the ruling percent.

Open your eyes, Warlight.
Warlight RP Conspiracy: 10/18/2016 21:57:49

Level 53
*conspiracy intensifies*
Posts 1 - 2 of 2