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German homework...: 10/18/2016 13:23:40

Level 58
I have to make a three-minute video recording in German about my experiences abroad. I've had visa and administrative issues and missed the first three weeks of class. I've only been to one class and the assignment is due Friday.

Is there a German-speaker here who is willing to read what I wrote and help me fix the grammar? I don't want to memorise bad word choices and bad grammar. But I also don't know where my mistakes are.

Please send me a private message or invite me to a game if you are willing to help.

I appreciate it.
German homework...: 10/18/2016 18:05:50

Timinator • apex 
Level 65
I might, sent you a PM too

Edited 10/18/2016 18:06:32
German homework...: 10/18/2016 18:26:07

Level 56
VAFFANCULO! Spanish and Italian are better than German
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