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Thoughts and ponderings, from a newb: 10/26/2011 00:51:04

Level 34
Hello, I found warlight on Kongregate just before the big boom. so 1 and a half weeks ago or so, and ATM I've played or am playing 32 games, so keep in mind these are some very early impressions.

1. Though I love the fact that I can browse through my history of games.
It seems to me keeping all those games most take a lot of server space, so why not give us the option to delete the game from the history.
If all players or 51% of the players in that game say yes then it gets wiped.

2. Also on the subject of history, can I reorganize it so all the games I'm in are at the top, so like a box that you use to reorganize your orders in game?

3. with the influx of kongregate scrubs, or whatever there called, maybe some of the older, more experienced, better players of warlight could have tournament, 2V2.
One novice, one expert per team, some hands on coaching I guess you could call it.

So sorry if some of these, or all of these have been posted or suggested before, love Warlight so far, and thanks for reading, assuming you read it of course .
Thoughts and ponderings, from a newb: 10/26/2011 01:21:58

Level 58

Warzone Creator
1. I think it would need 100% of players to vote. After all, if you vote against it and it gets deleted anyway, then you lose the feature you just praised (being able to browse through your old games.)

2. Click the "Options" button and set the sort to "How long it's been my turn." You can also use the filter to just show ones that are active or where it's your turn.
Thoughts and ponderings, from a newb: 10/26/2011 01:30:24

Level 34
1. that was my original idea, But then in large games getting everyone to agree could be difficult, hmm.
Maybe be able to delete of your history, and if all players delete it off there history it gets wiped.
Delete clutter on your history and delete data of the server, two birds with one stone.

2. Thank you. :D

Also it's awesome to see a developer who reads and plays his game, probably why it has turned out as good as it has so far.
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