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TripleA- a better alternative: 10/15/2016 16:00:09

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
So I've recently downloaded and messed around with TripleA, a free-to-download Axis and Allies simulator. People have made their own scenarios, so there's plenty of variety.

It also seems a faster and more engaging game than Warlight (there's also singleplayer), as nobody gets booted and tactics are needed over sheer numbers. there's also no forums for shitposting, so you can just sit down with some friends, and play for an hour or two. And no shilling of perks.

And for some of you, here's some specific benefits-
conquer the world as Nazi Germany without anybody complaining about "muh Juden"
Discover how Italy was the Belgium of WWII- irrelevant!
Play a LOTR map and ask yourself how the LOTR lore is completely not functional with an Axis-and-Allies style game.
Make your own scenarios to screw around in!
Never worry about blacklisting, ideological flamewars, Genghis' memes, Tabby's nonsense, or Belgian's drunk attempts at humor!
TripleA- a better alternative: 10/15/2016 16:05:59

Level 60
An indie game named tripleA

May the gods be kind
TripleA- a better alternative: 10/16/2016 17:49:32

Level 35
Last time I tried AAA it was practically dead and had a sh*t UI.
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