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Where am i going wrong?: 10/24/2011 20:50:38

Level 2
Been playing single player, and have reached level 3, but everytime i play, the game seems to go all out to terminate my colour, i have tried every strategy i can think off, read through the help contents and still cant beat it.

Any suggestions?
Where am i going wrong?: 10/24/2011 21:30:18

Level 3
pick a starting location well suited for expansion for instance 'not asia' is a popular choice. and by pick i mean reload until you are in some place you can work with. you want a place where you can get a bonus in a couple turns.

keep in mind the number of territories per bonus. south america seems nice with 4, but it has so many territories it isn't good for getting in the early game.

learn to attack with efficiency and capture as many territories in a turn as the units you get will permit

consult the wiki for more detailed information regarding the attack mechanics. also, watch the history so you can see what the AI does and learn from it.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2