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Crazy Allies: 10/23/2011 19:09:14

Level 2
I'm having a run at Crazy, but it's incredibly discouraging to see an AI deploy 11 armies into a single territory on the second turn of the game.

Is it a feature of allied players that they can deploy armies into each others territories, or does the AI get reinforcement cards to start the game, or does the AI just cheat on that level?
Crazy Allies: 10/23/2011 19:52:30

Level 60
They get reinf. cards as a team. Since they have 3 players in a team, they get on average 3 times more cards then you...
Crazy Allies: 10/23/2011 20:21:08

Level 54
On the plus side, they won't use abandons or order priority/delay cards, unless something about the AI has changed.
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