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When to surrender in FFA games?: 10/21/2011 20:02:12

Level 3
Hey, new player here. Love the game.

One question I have for the community is what is the accepted etiquette on surrendering in 4-6 player FFA games.

In 1v1 I simply surrender once it becomes obvious the war is lost but in FFA I'm a little lost. I find myself in a position that I obviously can't win but I am concerned what effect that will have on the game. I worry that by leaving my part of the map blank I will inadvertently affect the outcome.

An example is a game I played on europe ffa. I was fighting on two fronts and holding my own on one and getting pushed back on the other. All of a sudden one of the players bordering me quits. I now could throw everything at the remaining player. I wound up losing the game but I wouldn't have even been competitive if the one player hadn't surrendered.

In any case I just don't want to be a jerk in multiplayer so any etiquette advice for a well intentioned noob would be great. Thanks.
When to surrender in FFA games?: 10/21/2011 20:42:42

Level 26
Good question! Really, I don't look down on a player if they quit a FFA when it's obvious that they aren't going to win. It's their time, so if they don't want to fight a losing cause, they shouldn't have to. It's more of a bonus if they stay (as long as they are not bugging me!).

I usually only stay in if one player bugged me for some reason (broke a truce, jerk in the chat, etc.), then I stay to make sure he/she doesn't win! Petty, I know.
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