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The Juden's Burden: 10/4/2016 19:45:18

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
Take up the Juden's burden
Send forth the best ye breed
Go send your sons to law school
And shill all that we need.
To wait, for many years,
on goyim strange and wild,
and finally bend them to your will
And treat them like a child.
Take up the Juden's Burden
With Zion by your side
To face the threat of terror
But push through it with pride.
For Eretz Yisrael we fight
a hundred times made plain
To take a goyim's earnings
And use it to your gain.
Take up the Juden's Burden
The wars for Holy Land
Bring diversity to all!
And divided on top we stand.
and when your goal is nearest
(the shekels other sought)
You will scam with much great honor
(Just make sure you're not caught)
Take up the Juden's Burden
just Marxism for me
A world where all the Aryans die
and abortions are given for free.
The banks you have not beaten
And the people to you they frown
You must grab your IDF UZI
And gun the lot of them down.
Take up the Juden's Burden
and steal and cheat and lie
(and make sure to encourage gay sex
and the goys will drop like flies)
The wails of our oppressors
shall echo through the halls
for no Aryans can breed
because we cut off their balls.
Take up the Juden's Burden!
and don't you dare take less
You're the son of Abraham by boy!
And the world's a giant mess.
"Start up a little law firm"
"or be a shrink" they say
for what better to way to earn money
Than to ask questions for pay?
So take up the Juden's Burden!
Our time is drawing near
and from the top of the social ladder
Everything seems quite clear.
- downvoted post by Wally Balls
The Juden's Burden: 10/4/2016 21:26:44

Belgian Gentleman
Level 56
Can I report someone for plagiarism?
The Juden's Burden: 10/5/2016 02:33:07

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
I worked so long on that and nobody cares.

Maybe I should die like my ancestors. I'll start a wild Almond farm.
The Juden's Burden: 10/5/2016 10:55:22

Level 56
+1 paugers I have been reporting Wally but he has paid the jew 15 bucks and only spams OT, so fizzer probably couldn't care less
The Juden's Burden: 10/5/2016 17:57:09

Level 58
EDIT: (Kebab removed)

Edited 10/5/2016 17:57:16
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