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saving single player games?: 10/3/2016 17:09:42

Level 53
I don't find out how to save a single player game. And how would I load it, if I saved it?

In the Wiki it is stated that it is possible to save single player games, but there is no buton or anything to do it.
So how does it work?

Thanks for your support.
saving single player games?: 10/3/2016 17:15:12

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Single player games save automatically. For the levels, simply selecting the level again will give you the option of loading your saved game or starting over
saving single player games?: 10/3/2016 17:17:09

Level 62
Single player games are automatically saved. You can find your saved games at http://WarLight.net/singleplayer/savedgames. (Doesn't show any on mobile.)
saving single player games?: 10/8/2016 07:14:28

Level 47

can you please explain something to me...

I started the "The best defense" level yesterday night at my home.
Today i am working and I wanted to continue it but when I click on a map, it is starting a new game, not the one from yesterday.

I know the IP is different as it is not the same computer but is it possible to continue a game from a different computer ?

many thanks

Posts 1 - 4 of 4