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AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - New 1v1 ladder: 10/3/2016 10:34:09

Level 55

This is the second Grand Slam on the Tour (the fourth major and the eighteenth event in total)
This tournament is the part of the AWP World Tour.
Tournament details:
  • Format:
    Private Tournament - Single elimination (invitations only by the host)
  • Number of players in tournament:
    128 players
  • Template:
    AWP World Tour - New 1v1 ladder settings
  • Game Pace:
    Multi-day - 3 day auto boot - vacations allowed
How to participate?
Short answer: write here or send a mail to me, and I will help you to join :)

Long answer: the details of the invitation method
I will use a two steps invitation process:
  • On Monday (later today) I will create the tournament, and
    • invite the actual TOP60 players from the Ranking List (see the link above).
      The Rankings is up-to-date (was updated recently, I will publish it later in the evening).
    • invite 20 other players are chose by me (giving them Wild Card)
  • at 10:00 am CET on Wednesday, I will invite every players from my invitation list (you can check my present invitation list here: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=20651)
    • If you are in that list then you will receive a tourney invitation, and the only what you need for the participation is to join asap, before the event will be filled.
    • If you aren't in the invitation list yet, but would like to play, then you need write here (or send mail to me) until 10 minutes before I send the invitations, and I will add you to the list and invite you to the tourney.
    • If you are in that list but don't wish to receive further Tour invitations, write here or any AWP topic (or send mail to me) and I will remove you from my invitation list. Later you can rejoin at anytime, I just don't want to spam anybody.
Remark: later this week, I will create a topic for Tour templates where I communicate the major templates and other things.
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - New 1v1 ladder: 10/3/2016 11:11:13

Level 55
I created the tournament, and sent the invitations to the TOP60 and the 20 Wild Cards.

The link of the tourney:

AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - New 1v1 ladder: 10/4/2016 21:02:55

Level 60
I wasn't joining AWP tournaments lately but this one I don't want to miss.
Please? :)

Edited 10/4/2016 21:03:06
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - New 1v1 ladder: 10/4/2016 23:01:15

Level 56
I'd like to join this one.
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - New 1v1 ladder: 10/5/2016 03:16:17

Level 55
@Onoma: you are already in my invite list
@Omniscient: I added you to my invite list too

Both of you will invite today at 10:00 am CET, try to join quickly, but likely this major event (128 players) won't be filled so fast, so you will have enough time to join.

Edited 10/5/2016 03:16:46
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - New 1v1 ladder: 10/5/2016 08:13:23

Level 55
All invitations sent out.
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