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Hidden territory: 10/17/2011 04:16:26

Level 2
I have a hidden territory on my map that I did not know about. I accidently missed it because it was an object within an object that got hidden when I loaded the image. Is it possible to eliminate this without losing all of the other work I have done because I can not set the centerpoint or select it in anyway.
Hidden territory: 10/17/2011 04:34:03

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Are you asking for help in finding it in Inkscape? Or do you know where it is in Inkscape, and just don't know if you can upload it? If the latter, just delete it from Inkscape and re-upload the SVG file. Easy!
Hidden territory: 10/17/2011 05:43:32

Level 2
Thanks, I figured it out. I thought if I uploaded a modified SVG I would lose everything I did in the map editor. Not the case. Just trying to figure this out as I am working on my first map.
Hidden territory: 10/17/2011 05:45:56

Level 2
What do you think of the Map? Ignore the game settings and some of the territory names, but the map in General. I think I need to refine some, but Thought it would be a good map for the upcoming holiday.

Hidden territory: 10/17/2011 06:54:55

Level 44
It's not the prettiest map, but probably better drawn than anything I can do in Inkscape.. I first noticed that alot of your bonuses in the west wing are overlapping making it unsightly..
There is little indication of a few of the connections I find disconcerting.. Bloom-Toes Bloom-Wings.. and some that are unclear why they connect while others do... Bloom-Head.. Butt Feathers-Connectors to Bloom..
I am curious why only the north dung connects to the mike, and then there is like a mini-puzzle with the dung..

no N-E
no N-S
no E-S

It seems to me that you drew all the chest feathers by hand.. it would seem that it would be more smooth to have duplicated all of them and made minor modifications to make it appear to be at a different angle, or fade away behind the curve of it's body

I think it could be a great map with a bit of modification, that only time and practice can give

Now onto what you don't want to hear about.. I don't frankly care about names so much but the bonus in the head IMHO definitely warrants more connections *into* it from the bloom.. 8 bonus- 3 territs, with only 2 that need protection, Admittedly it can be attacked from 7 locations, but only from 3 different bonuses.. most of the connections I would add would likely make the crown less useful, as opposed to the head, which would make the head less likely to be contested *due to lack of crown placement*

I'm also curious if you intended to have both wings missing the front part of the wing.. essentially giving them a barrier from any chest encroachment...

last, a few chest connections I'm unsure if you intended on leaving out..
Shank-Hock Joint
Hock Joint-Gullet
tommytown-Collar bone

I don't critique because I don't like it, but to attempt to help you better your maps. Thanks for posting them to Warlight.net!
I look forward to seeing the next version, and hopefully more maps in the future.
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