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I cannot beat Someone Stole My Oil :(: 9/29/2016 04:07:50

Joel Anthony Gigax
Level 8
What strategy should I use to beat this level? I have tried going every which way and the AI that starts on the north of the map always finds me in battle and takes over my territories as if it is targeting me and I just cannot seem to beat it. For those who have beat it, any advice? Thanks!
I cannot beat Someone Stole My Oil :(: 10/8/2016 07:06:09

Level 34

If I remember well I entered the continent from "Aden" while I spread from the western "island" to gain bonus.
From aden , i spread east and north but with assurance of a pretty good defense cause resistance was hard.
the passage of hormozgan was difficult so make sure to be strond enough
Posts 1 - 2 of 2