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Help with map making please!: 10/14/2011 15:16:19

Level 2
Just yesterday I started creating some maps for warlight. Also it is my first time using inkscape. I know how to do basically everything but one thing I need help with. How do I set specific starting places in my map? Because when I went into testing to try it out no matter which setting (manual starting position or random)it allows players to start out in any position on the map. This is a problem because there are some strategic locations that players are meant to fight each other to get to it, but sometimes they can just start there.

Any help with this matter is appreciated.
Help with map making please!: 10/14/2011 18:04:13

Level 50
Where can you download inkscape? I don't see any instructions for it on the site&wiki
Help with map making please!: 10/14/2011 19:02:53

Level 58

Warzone Creator
You'll want to create a distribution mode and set it as default. Game creators can still override it, but at least you're giving them defaults as the map was meant to be played. See http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Map_Making_Details#Distribution_Modes

Inkscape can be downloaded at Inkscape.org
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