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About feedback on my map: 10/13/2011 22:16:15

Level 3
Mrhenkka sent me feedback on my map and I didnt see a direct way or replying back(im assuming the ._. in the middle of the email adress is a spam blocker)

So anyway, thanks for the feedback but I have long since stopped playing this game(it was still in beta back then). Im not going to make more maps, you can go ahead and do so yourself if you want. Im just not appealed by this game anymore, it was fun while I did play but I just lose intrest in things fast.
About feedback on my map: 10/14/2011 02:03:16

Level 44
I would like there to be an official way for People to give up rights to their maps, so that someone else could be allowed to go in and fix/modify it, rather then us having to resort to forums and hoping Fizzer notices
About feedback on my map: 10/14/2011 02:51:25

Sentient AI
Level 5
What about a voting system where maps with a certain level of agreement can be edited by the public to keep the maps in the game somewhat high quality?
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