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level 3: 10/11/2011 14:30:21

Level 2
anyone got a guide for me?
level 3: 10/11/2011 14:38:48

Level 37
I don't because I can't finish it either. The last time I did it I started in Ontario, took over all of North America and South America, then one of the AI overpowered me in Europe and Africa, Alaska was taken over by 20 armies, and Antarctica had too many armies, so then I decided to quit.
level 3: 10/11/2011 17:47:32

Level 58

Warzone Creator
The start position in level 3 is random, so try starting the level over a few times until you find a spot you like. Try to start in the smallest bonus you can, since you want to get your first bonus in as few turns as possible. After your first just expand quickly, since you want to encounter the enemy AIs before they've had too much time to expand themselves.
level 3: 10/11/2011 17:57:01

Level 36
Just a fun question/scenario. Where does everyone think the worst starting position is? If so, what is the shortest amount of turns from the worst spot?
level 3: 10/11/2011 18:16:20

Level 60
East russia? Worst spot ever on earth maps...
level 3: 10/11/2011 18:19:45

Level 2
My 10th time trying I started in Mexico, and I won. Took me well over 60 turns though..
level 3: 10/11/2011 18:38:47

Level 54
East Russia can be great but mostly because it's often unexpected, so safer (depending on wasteland pattern).
I'd say East US. Hard to defend, slow to maneuver, many steps from one edge to another, 7 territories and usually West US is settled first. No pivot usable for defense, multiple entries from single chunks of Canada...
What else ? ^^
level 3: 10/11/2011 19:09:15

Level 5
*My 10th time trying I started in Mexico, and I won. Took me well over 60 turns though..*
You mean 96? :)
level 3: 10/11/2011 22:21:52

Level 56
Africa has to be one of the best possible starting positions for level 3, easy first bonus, well defendable, and easy access to numerous expansions.
level 3: 10/12/2011 02:02:20

Hound of War
Level 2
Started in the the US twice and had ***** handed to me everytime. Started in Africa Twice and won in less then 55 turns
level 3: 10/12/2011 02:18:27

Level 2
Ugh finality got through it on my like 20th try. i started in Indonesia and worked my through the whole thing in 30 turns.
level 3: 10/16/2011 13:07:20

Level 2
I started in Western Khazakstan, took over like half of Asia and spread through the whole of europe, Then went for North America and Africa which gave me enough bonuses to overpower the AI controlling the other half of Asia and from then on it was easy...
level 3: 10/16/2011 16:56:17

Level 4
Asia offers good long term expansion, which is needed against the AI
level 3: 10/16/2011 18:15:50

Level 26
there was a game I started in middle east, with all three AI surrounded me in round 1. Somehow they fight each other just forget about me and I won in 25th turn :D
level 3: 2/25/2012 15:25:56

Level 2
let me blow new life into this topic.

With the gold star earned in less than 19 turns I find it really hard to get.

I always end with 21-22 turns.

Anybody know a perfect starting territory ?
level 3: 2/25/2012 15:56:11

brisk • apex 
Level 58
I think that India is the best. First, it's good bonus (4 income for only 4 territories). Secondly, when I won the crazy challenge, I started in India.
level 3: 6/11/2012 23:40:30

Level 3
Just beat level 3 in 28 turns, I feel like such a boss right now. Started in Eastern Europe (same bonus area as Moscow, then has to battle for every inch of Europe and Asia. After that, it's basically a peace of cake due to all the high bonus areas in Europe and Asia.
level 3: 6/12/2012 14:44:09

Level 44
Europe is a pretty bad start for lvl 3... although 28 turns isn't bad for that start
level 3: 6/12/2012 14:58:37

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
If i dont get wrong to make level 3 in 18 turns i was in south africa. @fizzer is it possible to see my single player games? if it is possible i'll paste it there so u can take some strategy from it.
level 3: 6/12/2012 15:21:35

Level 44
afaik single player games are not saved.
level 3: 6/12/2012 17:09:43

Level 51
@ Mr. mojo risin
96 is well over 60.
level 3: 9/4/2012 22:55:43

Level 22
Although it took me 37 moves: it took me a really long time to figure out how to win this given I always ended up facing the last AI who had ammased a massive army.

1) One thing that helped was to pick a favorable continent that had minimum access to it. Either Antartica or Africa will do.
2) Obtain control of all favorable continents first. be effecient in how you do this because acquiring Antartica, Africa and Oceania (and central america) will drain your troops
3) Once you achieve this, start acquiring more sub-continent areas. This is done to prevent the other AI (by this point, 1 or 2 will be left) from acquiring armies
4) Crush the AI like a bug

I took a slow/steady approach, but during that time, would small skirmishes to ensure the AI didn't have access to extra armies. For instance, I would camp out in Spain instead of North Africa/Algeria because the only way to get to it is through France. Watch out for the Hawaii/pacific island area...that can potentially cause weaknesses once you catch Oceania and are trying to make your way up to North America. Be effecient with them because, even though there's quite a few territories, it is heavily exposed from the North and doesn't offer enough armies to warrent it. This area has always been annoying for me but once I invested into it, it allowed me to take control of Asia much easier.

PS: I'm glad to see there are other people obsessed with this game as much as I am. I quite rarely am obsessed with games but this one takes the punch. Perhaps it's the Tom Clancy/Rainbow 6 music or my obsessive need to come up with plans/strategies?? Or both??
level 3: 9/4/2012 23:18:26

Darth Mylor {Warlighter}
Level 13
dhohol, why did you revive this. It's been 3 months since the last post.
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