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Let's bring warlight chat back :): 11/27/2013 22:02:06

Level 59
http://warlight.net/Chat used to be a popular thing. People would go there to chat and meet new people on warlight. I recall Szeweningen hosting a learning session in which he explained the finer points of Strategic 2v2 for an hour. He would just post games and explain what the players were thinking and such.

What I'm trying to say is that chat used to be a big thing. Now no one uses it. I want to bring it back. It's easy to learn from lessons on there, if some top players agree to do lessons. And it's also a nice thing to have open in a tab and you can check it occasionally to see if the topic people are on interests you.

It's easy to find, just go to the Chat subtab next to Clans (both under Community).

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Let's bring warlight chat back :): 11/28/2013 02:45:51

Level 59
Pulsey's already attempted to impersonate me on warlight chat.

So if a JSA ever says anything on there that makes you suspicious if it's really me or not, please message me in game, and we can sort it out.

I will also be sure when we start lessons that I tell Lolowut or someone else on Skype if it is really me on there.

And yes, I hope to talk some players into giving lessons on warlight chat. I will give you further updates when I talk to some of the players.

Tonight I am JSA. Pulsey keeps changing his name to various JSA things such as [Lynx] JSA and [WL] JSA and Regular JSA

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Let's bring warlight chat back :): 11/28/2013 02:46:56

Level 58
i know of no such thing.
Let's bring warlight chat back :): 11/28/2013 02:54:57

Level 59
<JSA>: who is JSA[WL]?
<JSA>: that is not me
<JSA>: I am JSA
<JSA[WL]>: oh who are you?
<JSA[WL]>: how dare you impersonate me!
<JSA[WL]>: i am the greatest of them all
<JSA>: Hmm, Pulsey?
<Hauptmann[WL]>: why are there two jsas? O.o
<JSA>: someone took my name
<JSA>: before i came back from church
<Hauptmann[WL]>: oh, so you're pulsey?
<JSA>: no, i think he is pulsey
<JSA>: I had forgotten people can do this on chat
<Hauptmann[WL]>: dunno, his grammar is off and yours is too good
<Hauptmann[WL]>: confused...
<JSA>: ill pm you with JSA
<JSA>: my accoutn on warlight
<JSA[WL]>: no i'm Jay.
<JSA>: ^It's pulsey
<JSA>: I pm'ed you hauptmann
<JSA[WL]>: no its not
<JSA>: no one else calls me jay
<JSA[WL]>: we were just talking about my career in 101st before this fake jay came along
<JSA>: Pulsey, anybody can tell its you now. I have never called myself jay
<JSA[WL]>: Hauptman was treasoning against his clan captain
<Hauptmann[WL]>: hmm, true true
<JSA[WL]>: you should be executed for your sins against the Lynx captain
<JSA>: so why did he impersonate me?
<[Lynx]JSA>: i am the real jay!!!!
<Hauptmann[WL]>: umm, let's see, assuming you're right and it's pulsey
<Hauptmann[WL]>: he doesn't need a reason to impersonate you
<JSA>: that's true, just when i thought he was growing up I guess being a better player doesn't make you mature faster though
<[Lynx]JSA>: Hauptman you have treasoned against me!
<[Lynx]JSA>: you shall be stripped of your lynx tag!
<[Lynx]JSA>: okay Jokes over, both these accounts are me
<[Lynx]JSA>: i am Jsa
<Hauptmann[WL]>: wait, I only told one person of my secret plot to assassin jsa!
<Hauptmann[WL]>: >.>
<nich>: Hello chatters
<JSA>: hey angle lust!
<[Lynx]JSA>: hey nich!
<[Lynx]JSA>: pulsey here is impersonating me
<nich>: why are you here twice
<JSA>: i am jsa, the other is pulsey
<[Lynx]JSA>: dont trust anything he says
<JSA>: i already pm'd hauptmann on warlight
<nich>: ah, very good
<JSA>: i can pm you too if you want
<[Lynx]JSA>: pulsey is so annoying
<[Lynx]JSA>: i am the real jay
<JSA>: http://warlight.net/Forum/Thread?ThreadID=19242
<[Lynx]JSA>: exactly
<JSA>: i edited it
<[Lynx]JSA>: i wrote that
<JSA>: look at it now
<[Lynx]JSA>: pulsey thinks hes being funny and hes denying it
<RegularJSA>: i am the real jsa
<JSA>: look again
<JSA>: This is dumb
<JSA>: I will ask fizzer about this
<JSA>: because this shouldnt be allowed
<JSA2>: oh hi i
<JSA2>: m back
<JSA2>: i see pulsey is still impersonating m
<JSA2>: pulsey its not funny

<JSA> = me
Other JSA's = Pulsey

I'm off chat for tonight so any JSA's on chat are not me.

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Let's bring warlight chat back :): 11/28/2013 03:05:26

Level 58
right now we have

Let's bring warlight chat back :): 11/28/2013 18:35:14

Level 49
You can register your account with mibbit so that it's password protected. Looks like that is something you might want to look at, jsa...

Yeah, for a short time last year the chat used to be active. But it was never "big", really. I think it was most alive during the EM, with maybe a dozen non-idlers. That was also just a month or so after VaporX (I think?) revived it and shortly after Fizzer had decided to link to it. This went on for a few weeks in summer and then it died.

Anyway, good luck.

edit: Actually, I think you should lighten up jsa. Seriously. There's no harm in messing around with nicks on irc, even less so when you're online as well. It's just silly fun and people will only go on with it when they see you reacting like that. Take a joke, man.

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Let's bring warlight chat back :): 11/28/2013 18:45:45

Level 60
oh the joys of irc trolling.
Let's bring warlight chat back :): 11/28/2013 19:16:11

Level 59
Yeah, I just had to get reused to getting trolled :)

Chat's good cause you can ignore people that you don't want to listen to talk on it.
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