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Level 55

because there is possibility to change forum post, and because Fizzer haven't created Hall of Fame for Warlight yet, the warlight comminity can do this, I think.

I mean somebody should open a new forum topic, named Warlight Hall of Fame for example, and the first post of that topic would be the place for Hall of Fame.

I mean, in that topic the community can discuss about what type of Hall of Fame should be collect, and the community can collect all necessary data, and the person who open the thread can update the first post continiously.

What do you think about this?
Who will create and manage that topic? :)

And same idea for the History of the different Warlight series (for example Promotional league, Clan leagues, [20] leauges, WSOW, etc.). Community can collect all necessary data of the different seasons, I think. And we can find everything in the first post. If the possibilies of this forum engine is not enough we can use google docs as used by Ineffable for WSOW. I think that is very professional, check it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0Arn0ahIN9qcsdFVFVVoyajlud3BoNkJoUWZfR3RFMkE&outpu
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Level 60
If you were to to a hall of fame, you'd have to make some sort of initial criteria for it. For example, I would use something similar to the MLB model.

Each person on the committee (You'd need to make one initially, but then I would use current HOF members going forward) can vote for up to 10 people. They would also each nominate a person (no overlaps). To get elected you must have %75 of the current members vote you in.

What I would do is have a committee (hopefully veteran players) elect a class from each year up until now. Maybe start with 5 from each year warlight has been around.
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Level 55
I try to start from another way.

We should collect many data first.
I mean the winners of the different ladders, tournament series, and other great performances.

We can share this in the HoF, as simple lists, grouped the ladders/tounrey series.

And finally, we can easy find the very great performances.
I mean, somebody win a lot of those (like tennis player make a grand slam), so the best players would be highlighted in the very begining of the first post (and only after will come the different lists).

Election is good, but very subjective, I think.
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