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2v2 Ladder #1's: 11/24/2013 22:46:24

Level 59
29 teams have been #1 on the 2v2 ladder. Here's the teams:
Aper and Summer
Artham and Nord
Blue Precision and Eitz
Bostonfred and fatguyinalittlecoat
brisk and dreuj
CONQUISTADORS and Jurassic Park
Dead piggy and Shuai
Denzyman and Shuai
Dragons and Gaspumper
Duke and Ruthless
Gnuffone and Beelzebub
Grinche and Ruthless Bastard
grona and dunga
Doggy and Trollussa
Ineffable and Mirror
Jupiter and Mannerheim
Luigi and Mario
Monsenhor Chachina and Heyheuhei
NuckLuck and Ragingpikey
Ribena and Unkonwnsoldier
Samurai and Heyheuhei
Thanathos and Beelzebub
Timinator and Ultimaratio
Zaeban and Oliebol
Unknownsoldier and Shuai
Beelzebub and Shuai
Heyheuhei and dunga
Luxis and Frankdeslimste
Oliebol and Frankdeslimste
V and Chaos

The best 2v2 players (most times #1)
1. Shuai: 4 times at first(Unknownsoldier, Beelzebub, denzyman, Piggy)
2. Heyheuhei: 3 times (dunga, Samurai, Monsenhor Chachina)
3. Beelzebub: 3 times (Gnuffone, Shuai, Thanathos)
4. Frankdeslimste: 2 times (Oliebol, Luxis)
5. Oliebol: 2 times (Frankdeslimste, Zaeban)
6. dunga: 2 times (grona, Heyheuhei)
7. Unknownsoldier: 2 times (Shuai, Ribena)
Tie for 8th between 40 players with 1.

In my opinion, it is amazing for a player to reach #1 with 4 different teammates. Congrats Gui! I would guess that if you want to learn from the best, watch Shuai's most recent 2v2 ladder games, as well as Beelzebub's.

I will try to compile a complete history of the 2v2 ladder (as I did about a year ago) this week during Thanksgiving break.

Edited 11/25/2013 22:40:10
2v2 Ladder #1's: 11/25/2013 07:36:14

Level 49
sure u must be missing at least 1 team :D
2v2 Ladder #1's: 11/25/2013 12:42:38

Level 60
though the 2v2 ladder is quite slower and temas might stay in the same position for a long time, it might be interesting to know how many days was each time in #1
2v2 Ladder #1's: 11/25/2013 22:40:58

Level 59
That's what I plan to do this weekend Pink :)

and Chaos, good catch, not sure how I skipped you guys. I will be sure to double check each team when I do the official one.
2v2 Ladder #1's: 11/25/2013 23:11:44

Level 59
Also Aziridine and Yeon
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