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New map Suggest strategic settings: 11/24/2013 20:39:22

dodo comander 
Level 57
Hello guys,

I have just added a new map, Malvia, to the site.

First of all if ever you get a changes to try it out and rate it that be great :)

I am currently looking for the best strategic settings for my map. So if any of you want to play around with it and find some interesting settings go ahead and then post the template. I will in turn make a tournament with the settings I like most :)

Also, the Malvia map is made to be played as a strategic maps with most territories respecting the same unite:territory ratio.

Hope you can help me out with this misadventure ;)

Regards dodo
New map Suggest strategic settings: 11/24/2013 23:41:41

Level 59
Welcome back, long time no see! I might be able to spend some time playing around with settings, I can also play some test games too.
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