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Gold Stars: World War Pixel & Caesar's Challenge: 9/20/2016 21:18:48

Level 34
Ok, so I've played both of these maps several times. I have gold stars on every other level, but I can't understand how it's even possible to get a gold star on these two. At least, not unless you get an extremely lucky start (e.g. the boss in Caesar's going after Partha for some reason, instead of Spain/France/Germany)

I can defeat the bosses in the required number of turns, but their leftover armies make it impossible for me to get the star. I've even got lucky events like WWPixel's boss spawning armies into an ally that I kill that turn, leaving my bonuses untouched. I still don't have enough income to clean up the boss's leftover armies by turn 16.

Were the settings different when people beat them in a short amount of time? Can someone who has gotten the stars give me some help?

Edit: Beat Caesar's Challenge just a few moments ago. I got a lucky start with the boss spending 12 turns just moving between two territories in Italy. The Parthian AI was more troublesome than usual this time, but I managed to pull out a win by doing the risky thing of not killing the 100 Boss until turn 23. The Parthian AI still had units in Greece, Africa, Asia, and Partha at that point, because I kept getting unlucky with taking out the big stacks it sent (60-100). I had the entire map (minus Boss territories) on turn 27, and corralled the boss spawns as best as I could.

The last turn was scary, because I didn't deploy enough to prevent it from moving into one of two territories (2 80 Bosses side by side, and a reinforcement card that I didn't realize it had).

I got lucky, with the AI deciding to charge its second boss into one of my backup killing stacks instead of my weak territory, after I killed the first boss on move order #1.

Turn 32 screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/MQcm4

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Gold Stars: World War Pixel & Caesar's Challenge: 9/27/2016 16:55:13

Level 63
To get the gold star on World War Pixel, you need to eliminate the two enemy commanders as soon as possible. You should be able to eliminate the one in South America on turn 5 and the one in Europe on turn 9. That's the most important part.

After that, you need to expand everywhere, as fast as you can. Break your last opponent's bonuses and deal with the boss. Your expansion has to be quick, so that you can cover every territory on the map on turn 16 and get that gold star.
There's only one situation where your expansion can wait, it's when the boss is coming towards you. Make sure that when you meet him, he only borders one of your territories, the one you'll blockade.

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Gold Stars: World War Pixel & Caesar's Challenge: 9/27/2016 20:32:01

Level 34
Thanks, Rak. I've been getting everything but the boss killed by turn 14 for most of the past few games. Right now it's just the fact that the Boss randomly chooses to attack a 0 territory or a 5< territory that's screwing me over with my blockade cards. For 3 games in a row, it attacked a 0 when the surrounding were 5+, and then this last game it attacked a 5 instead of the 0. It's driving me crazy.

Finally beat it. Got lucky with the boss spawning armies in South America on turn 4. Eliminated AI 3 on turn 5. Eliminated AI 2 on turn 8. I was in trouble because the boss came into Canada on turn 8, but it made a move backward, toward Asia, on turn 11, because I got lucky on my attempt to steal the territory behind the boss (and then, obviously, on it choosing to re-take its bonus with the boss instead of deploying an army stack to do it. It failed to take my blockade on turn 12, and I cleaned up its spawned armies and remaining territories on turn 14, as well as blockaded Asia enough for the attack to kill the boss. I wouldn't have won by turn 16 if I hadn't made the attack that got me into position to win on turn 16, because after the boss's spawned attack attacked me, I had 1 army left to make the attack that gave me the position I needed for the star. Glad I didn't try for getting both territories.

All Gold is nice to see pop up, but it doesn't feel real, because I haven't gotten gold on the Insane Challenge. Last one, here I come! :)

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