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REQ: continous map scroll: 9/27/2011 07:53:10

Level 58
I often play warlight on my mobile phone while commuting to work. Since there is no Android app yet I have to play the normal desktop version (which is far from comfortable to use on a small device/display, but it is workable, especially when you are bored anyways and play speed is not important :-). One thing that is particularly annoying is to issue orders that wrap around the map. You have to zoom all the way out and then everything is so tiny you need a lot of tries to actually hit the two countries in question.
When issuing those wrap-around orders, i.e. from far left to far right, or from top to bottom, for example Hawaii <-> Japan or Alaska <-> Anadyr, it would be extremely helpful to have the map scroll continously in every direction instead of stopping at the borders. I imagine this would be relatively easy to implement, since it wouldn't require any changes to the maps themselves but only to the way they are displayed.
This scrolling behaviour should be turned on or off automatically, as soon as the map has any wrap-around routes. If they are only horizontal, map scrolling should be continous in horizontal directions only as well, if they are multidirectional, map scrolling should be continous in all directions etc., you get the idea.
Maybe add "reset view" button / shortcut to get back to the initial map view quickly.
Maybe let players turn this feature on or off in their settings.

I have added a User Voice item for this:
REQ: continous map scroll: 9/27/2011 13:38:01

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
This entire issue will probably be resolved when the droid app comes out (WOOOO I'M EXCITEd!!!)
REQ: continous map scroll: 9/27/2011 14:50:08

Level 36
I think i lobbied this about a year ago. Not sure if i wrote a uservoice item on it or not. But yes, i wish that you could just have a continuous scroll for that reason right there and not just for the phone but for the computer as well.
REQ: continous map scroll: 9/27/2011 15:59:10

Level 58

Warzone Creator
I agree this would be great, but it's also very technically challenging to do. I originally wanted to do this when I made the mobile version but unfortunately it didn't fit cleanly with my architecture.

The mobile client has a work-around to allow wrapping attacks; you would just select Hawaii, then long-tap on the screen and it presents a list of connected territories from which you can select Japan. This clearly isn't as good of a solution as a continuous map scroll as you suggest, but it's at least a temporary fix.

Some day I'd love to do this, but it's not the highest priority at the moment. Even so, it's good to have it on uservoice so it can be tracked. Thanks for the suggestion!
REQ: continous map scroll: 9/27/2011 16:11:39

Vladimir Putin 
Level 55
I like the idea, voted
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