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Latin American Map?: 9/26/2011 03:22:39

Level 55
Anyone interested in making a Latin America map, something not too big (East Asian and African maps are good but a bit big sometimes)?

I think a LA map would have a good balance of continents and islands and has the potential to become my second favorite map, if done well.
Latin American Map?: 9/26/2011 04:09:43

Monsenhor Chacina 
Level 5
+ 1. i'd like it to be of the same size of the euro map... that'd be really fun.
Latin American Map?: 9/26/2011 21:31:34

Level 58
i dont know ... the geography of the main continent makes it so that it would be in two distinct sections seperated by the panama canal. the only way it would really work is if the islands between cuba and venezuela/guyanas/surinam were given much more importance than they should otherwise. and even then i think it would be too narrow if you know what i mean.
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