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Dark Rebellion I: 9/16/2016 08:29:29

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
The Legend of the Empty Throne

•As told by the Order of the Mist -

Take heed to the warning I lay before you,

The darkness and shadows are coming for you,

Old men with a past are here to gore you,

Blood of the ancients will never bore you

Azlo and I bring a message new but old,

Written by an order, a prophecy never told-

Read carefully to understand the poem’s kiss,

A literal message from the Harbingers of Mist!


In peaceful days a son was born,

No father before, but a Unicorn’s Horn.

A King he was of a clan so strong,

That they thought he could do no wrong.

The sun, as always, leads into night,

That is when the darkness comes out to fight.

Unity fell and cried her tears,

But the darkness had no fears.

For the darkness was the King,

His kingdom fell as did his Ring,

For the original Kingdom Clan

Had a second-in-command.

He fell with the King, as did his Guard,

As centuries of history looked on with disregard,

For in one moment all built was snatched away,

By men who longed to see the light of day.

For it was long ago on that fateful day,

The Kingdom was split in a bloody array-

The Champions and Legends once known,

Become myths known by those alone.

The Kingdom fell at its own accost

Many a soul fought a destiny already lost-

The greedy and the shamed came out to play,

The game only the true men will not convey

The King understood the sunset,

An end is not and end all-set-

His day will return with this era’s night,

That is why the Dark Rebellion must fight.

What the King once lost,

Will come together at this era’s cost,

Many kingdoms wiped away

There is only one true King for night and day.

The night turned to day and the moon went along its way,

With a king in tears and a kingdom thrown away,

An empty throne was all that was left,

Of a great legacy that died with one last breathe.

But there are shadows that tell of a return,

As the old clock ticks tock every near turn.

The Rebellion rises from the Dark,

As the Ancient King comes again to make his mark.

•Order of the Mist -

( Revival of a tale begotten where we stand,
Me and Azlo have not forgotten a clan too powerful for any man )

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Dark Rebellion I: 9/16/2016 08:31:36

Level 53
I confirm this tale of old,
The C and I behold!
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